The Lows And Heights Of Writing Daily; Or, On Growing Up As A Writer
The Lows And Heights Of Writing Daily; Or, On Growing Up As A Writer

Monday • December 26th 2022 • 9:33:21 pm

The Lows And Heights Of Writing Daily; Or, On Growing Up As A Writer

Monday • December 26th 2022 • 9:33:21 pm

There is no such thing as trouble with writing, because you grow, with each poem you write.

But the poems have to be real, authentic, honest, if you were to use a neural network to generate them.

You would quickly get nowhere, and bored, defeated, and with a false sense of triumph, you'd give up.

It is similar with art, when all people do is just trace.

There is nothing there to move them, the process becomes a boring job, an exhausting job.

That is why tracing is just the first step in real art, for one, it is not always true that real life has colors that are more beautiful.

Iridescence should be everywhere, and yet, and cruelly so, it is rare.

And like in poetry, but here more illustrated, each new painting teacher you more about art, and makes you a better artist.

Bukowski is a good example, he wrote only 4 out of 7 days.

What have we lost, what will we never learn, and the heights, the heights.

To be fair, I will read Bukowski on my 100th birthday, as I am crossing the Appalachian trail, in Winter.

Whatever you do, you must write every day.

Because, it is not just the poems that are lost, but the heights you could have reached had you wrote.

If you look at it from outside yourself, you don't have writer blocks.

it is just that the poems that come to you on that day, feel wrong, somehow.

For one, I wanted to write about Markov Chains, and Artificial Neural Networks.

It just didn't seem right, I need a series of programs.

Testing the layer arrangements, I need to make it work before I write about it.

And what I want is to use Brain.js, to create nifty Tone.js Beat Sequencer melodies, not just patterns.

But since I haven't written those programs yet, it does not really feel right to write about ANN.

For the past week, I've been thinking about a poem explaining culture.

But it is exhausting, it talks about layers.

I think I was going to finish with, "Imagine arriving in a city, a city of the future...

Advanced propulsion, no poverty, Universal Income, real schools, open borders, Peace and Wisdom.

Now you understand, what it is like to leave, a crappy country behind.

It feels like things were stone from you, that invisible leaches were taking your life force.

T Hat poverty only existed to create crime, and crime was meant to make you scared."

But this is too much for me, Bukowski, or Zizek, or Hitchens could plow right through this - with class.

But to me this is crushing, when I finish poems like that I often say.

It is exhausting, sometimes my voice trembles.

A poem is a piece of wisdom, like a pioece of cheese, is a piece of cheese, a stupid poem is like an umbrella, when it is raining, cats and cats.

The heavy poems are like steam rollers, just too heavy.

I think most of us have a penchant for conspiracy theories, and I started writing about one.

And I felt, like I was wasting my readers time, I think it is a nice little thing.

If a company was to intercept all your emails, capture all the news articles you need.

Which would require that they owned the biggest, website visitor analysis service.

And if they could input what information reached you, and plug in your behavior, into the output.

Sentiment analysis, your geographic location from a map you used, then they could create a neural network.

That would present yo with things, in order to influence your behavior.

Kind of like creating a patsy by indoctrinating him, into some fantasy where some head of state is bad...

And you are the best operative the nation has, you are the only one who can stop the nuclear war.

I don't like, sharing conspiracy theories, they always seem stupid, always waste time.

I also wanted to underline what I recently wrote about, that you need to put a check box in your profile.

For the things that you believe in, and not just vote for a politician, that has all the boxes pre-selected for you.

Because you deserve better, but this is too hypothetical, and has no legs to stand on.

Finally, when a poem comes to you, but you don't feel right about it...

You won't be able to make an ending, you won;t be able to conclude the poems.

Sometimes good, but not all the time.

Which brings us to the concluding statement of this poem, be it a piece of cheese, or a steam roller...

A poem is not just for those that hold audience with you, thinking that, will give you a writers block.

A poem is just as much for them, as it is for you, for the author.

A poem helps you rise, that is why it is not just about the poems Bukowsky didn't write.

It is is about the height, the height he co8udnt reach.

Writing be it stories of poems, is a form of rising above yourself.

If you find yourself rejecting the multiple ideas, that have reached you through the day.

That is not a writers block, how could it be, that means you rose.

It means writing is working, both for your audience and you.

Good writing, is about changing lives.