For The World To Rise
For The World To Rise

Tuesday • March 28th 2023 • 10:32:19 pm

For The World To Rise

Tuesday • March 28th 2023 • 10:32:19 pm

We are in fact indoctrinated into a series of false beliefs, think of it as the “cult”, in the term Global Culture.

The likelihood of anybody exiting this cult, is very low.

Just about the same as the victim of a religious cult, exiting their belief system.

Those of you who have already figured it out, will say, a global cult is not really a cult.

But actually, the way we should define a cult in this context, is believing in falsehoods that make us act against ourselves.

Once examined, I would wager that, that the list of our false beliefs, is no larger, than Wikipedia’s list of Common Misconceptions.

It is likely that our best effort to lift ourselves out of this madness, would be a narrated book similar in spirit to Pseudodoxia Epidemica.

If you are going to pen this work, you need actors, celebrities, stars to narrate your work.

Two volumes that live in the same area and paint a good picture, of the gravity of this work.

Are the heartbreaking “A People's History of the United States”, by Howard Zinn.

And, “A Short History of Nearly Everything”, by Bill Bryson.

You can get at the false beliefs yourself, like a normal person.

Simply find a wrong, and walk it back past the symptoms, all the way into the root causes.

I will only share stories, that I personally find important.

Once in passing, I have heard of a young lady, who when she was a child, cried, when it was explained to her that the beggars on the streets don’t have homes.

A victim of a cult, wouldn’t cry, not think about it much, if they could help it.

The day she accepted that some people are like that, she became more indoctrinated into our cult.

Know that addiction, or even crime for that matter, is not a choice, it is a desperate attempt, to survive another day.

In a world where most people think of you, as trash, and all you have ever know was abuse and tragedy.

There are very few criminal in this world, and especially those that brag about their evil, are likely victims of terrible crimes themselves.

Prison, another false belief, that roughly states, that we should punish those who were already punished into fractured lives.

Is an environment where people who have been warped into doing terrible things, need to pretend to be evil, so that they survive another day.

The solution, to this set of false beliefs, is a guarantee of a Safe Home, Free Medical Care and Highest Education, a Trustworthy Universal Income Card…

And ability to move, travel, thrive, learn, bloom, dream, love, and invent, and create, and innovate, and motivate, and share… to name a few.

A culture, where poverty, homelessness, ineffective education, hunger, religious indoctrination into non-fact based fantasies…

Or indoctrination into cultures of violence, addiction, or even sacrifice in war is tolerated, is a kind of a cult - and you deserve better than this.

Another time, on my morning bicycle run, while I was climbing a hill, I was stopped, by a large man, who asked.

How are you doing this, this was a wise large man, he already gave up his car, and the son of a gun was bicycling to work, very courageous.

I told him that his health both mental and physical, was more important than anything else.

I told him that the i-275 bicycle trail that we were on, stretched from 14 mile to a pier on lake Erie - and I told him what he needed to do,

But, his propensity for treating his disorder, with the pleasure of overeating…

At his age… left him with maybe 10 or 20 years max, in a word, there are no fat old people.

He would pass in his late 40’s or mid 50’s, you see... and you may see that very well if you go to a gym…

This type of a chance encounter, with a fighter, is basically a two time event, he was going to give up soon.

It is hell to bicycle to work in rain or snow, to be treated with disrespect, and a 25 cent raise.

The survives, the mad men, who make it out of obesity, have to make very drastic changes in their lives.

If he was an honest man who truly loved his wife, she’d join him.

Dixie, the most recent Philosopher, I encountered in an internet video.

Said, in one of her Triple Crown videos (where she breathlessly hiked AT, PCT and CDT), “The worst day on the trail, is still better than the best day at work”.

And wonderhussy once readout a piece of graffiti, in one of the cabins she was exploring that read:

“Work to live, don’t live to work”

You see I told the large man to quit his job, because it was killing him.

He smiled and wholeheartedly said, “I can’t do that”.

He was an outlier back then, maybe he is a bodybuilder today, large people have enormous muscles to carry that extra weight.

This second story, is about protecting ones family from poverty, and again it demands that no one faces life on the street, if they quit their job.

Nor should their family end up poor, because they quit their jobs, sold their home and hit the trails…

And as a result, stayed a family and skinny, for extra 50 magnificent years.

My final story is me asking my grandma bout war, she said, “It is what men do”.

They were old enough to know WWII, I don’t know this to be true,

But maybe grandpa told her that being bullied in shool, helped him survive in war.

I don’t understand why she didn’t help me, when I told her I was being bullied.

In my mind, I saw my bullies as the enemy from her war.

Wars don’t just occur to hide economic failures, they need an uneducated soldiers/

Who are easily tricked to die, for imaginary god and meaningless borders.

The only people who should fight in war, are those who declare it, who support it, leave the tens of thousands of vulnerable families alone.

But realistically, war can only be prevented, and prevention requires, real and effective education.

The people who believe in war, especially the bad side, that is first to cause harm, are misguided, tricked, manipulated, warped, often desperate and starved.

All of that was to be walked back, to prevent it.

No human being on this planet, should ever starve, or live in desperation, or be indoctrinated into a life of some fantasy.

One of our greatest responsibilities, now made more urgent due to climate change and potential nuclear war.

Is opening borders, unfortunately, this is not just a matter of a passport, but becoming un-indocrinated from the culture the person of family is leaving behind.

It is not true to say that not all families need it, changing cultures if left unchecked, will undo a lot of the bonds that holds a family together.

A set of dignified and loving steps, that transition families between cultures is a very good idea.

To bring someone from a culture of crime, to a safe and prosperous city, is to ensure tragedy for both the victims and new comer.

Transitioning a person between cultures requires love, compassion and understanding.

You can’t just drop desperate people from a desperate place, to another and into desperate circumstances.

Furthermore, Human Right education, must be requires in all schools, including developed countries as Jon Krakauer's Missoula explains.

By far the two biggest false belief the world is suffering from, is tolerance of infective education, and lack of universal income that erases poverty.

And I am sorry to say, that as far as I can tell, all the false beliefs that plague the human kind will result in an endless chain of meaningless wars.

The false beliefs are everywhere, but the outcome is one thing, war, war, is the failure where all the consequences come together.

And between the meaningless and preventable wars, expect nothing less than blind repetitions of the same old mistakes.

We are all meant to grow and grow all the way up, until we each become a great being.

On our way there, we will find all the meaning, and fathom more.