Helping Students Identify Ineffective (Or Junk) Education
Helping Students Identify Ineffective (Or Junk) Education

Thursday • June 15th 2023 • 11:02:40 pm

Helping Students Identify Ineffective (Or Junk) Education

Thursday • June 15th 2023 • 11:02:40 pm

True power of education, can’t be felt, until the first tipping point.

Few examples of tipping points, are…

Painting with the aid of a wall projector, or using reference images tool at half opacity in Krita.

Learning about beats and melodies, and composing songs in LMMS.

Or learning JavaScript programming, and merging RxJs with Dataflow for example.

Without knowing what real education is, students are all too easily tricked into memorizing junk.

Memorizing junk means, means learning in the wrong sequence, at the wrong pace, at the wrong time, in the wrong context.

It means, the knowledge is junk.

The aim of ineffective education, is nothing more than an easy paycheck.

But, but such cancer at the heart of humanity, will always have run away negative results.

And one of them, is low GPA for students, who don’t care to pretend.

A low GPA does not just mean, that the person never had real education.

It also means they got tricked into thinking they are not smart, and are now completely cut off from their future, on all fronts.

(They get tricked into thinking they are unintelligent, by just looking at their grades, no one looks beyond that.)

Both never really having a chance, and getting cut off either way, translates to desperation.

Desperation encompass all negative human traits, and especially behaviors.

In summary, the consequence of make believe or ineffective education, or selling them out for easy paychecks, is driving students into darkest corners.

While there are complex subjects that do call for multiple steps, the ones that only require two or three must be taught first.

And away from the negative influence of teachers, prior to entry into the fantasy world of standardized education.

Students need to learn all the simple things, in order to develop a a sense for real education.

Students can figure out programming, in just a few days, while taking it easy.

Walking into a math class, that forces formula memorization, equipped with the ability to program, will immediate alert the students to fraud.

The top 1,000 books, that are held in high esteem by all the worlds greatest thinkers.

Should be listened to outside of school as well, To Kill A Mocking Bird, is not a substitute for inheritance of wisdom.

It is hard to call a interesting book an insult, but if that is all the children read in school, then that is exactly what it is.

No less than a 1,000 narrated books, will help the children develop a sense for reality and fake education.

Finally schools cannot just sell a beginning, and then point the students where to find more, as that again encourages fraud.

They need to correctly conclude the lectures, for example programming would conduce with students co-founding nifty startups.

Educational scammers are too clever, to be granted benefits of doubt,

A school either teachers from beginning to conclusion, or is simply marked as a make believe institution.