The Rebirth Of Venus; Or, The Making Of An Art Show In The Age Of Generative AI
The Rebirth Of Venus; Or, The Making Of An Art Show In The Age Of Generative AI

Wednesday • March 8th 2023 • 10:56:57 pm

The Rebirth Of Venus; Or, The Making Of An Art Show In The Age Of Generative AI

Wednesday • March 8th 2023 • 10:56:57 pm

Once you are ready to display you art, you become struck by the word “show” in art show -- Abraham Lincoln

Meaning, that even with the help of artificial intelligence, you’ll have your work cut out for you.

Art is a deeply personal thing, so I can’t speak in general terms.

I will thus describe the beginning of my new art show, about forgotten goddess, upon which modern religions have been built.

At the time of this writing it just so happens, that I am exactly 31 days away…

From world wide worship of a West Germanic Spring Goddess named Ēostre, she was celebrated with a month of feasts.

In fact there are thousands of goddess that have been suppressed, by the more modem and organized religions.

Recently one of the top world leaders, said, and I paraphrase, if the world was ran by women, there would be no war.

And I would like to add, that we look at old customs, through the eyes of modern religion, and worship, and sacrifice.

But times were different back then, and I personally tend to believe that goddesses were at least originally...

Women who lead, who took care of their communities, who were loved by their people.

Perhaps it was not a question of worship, but inspirations and reminders to grow all the way up, to become just as great.

What we end up today is the creepy idea of eating flesh of gods, a 5,000 year old practice, that unlike growing up, requires no effort.

We see the same pattern of behavior today, choosing fantasy, over the massive challenges of life that lead towards greatness.

In my art show I hope to bring back the goddesses that in my mind, challenge us to grow all the way up.

I still consider it all to be a fantasy, and there just can’t be a better Art Style to capture the mystery, then Lowbrow Pop-Surrealism.

Furthermore, rather than just repeating what little we know, I hope to expand their stores, and related ideas worth keeping around.

The Language Model AI I am using, created a list of just over a 100 goddesses.

And although I intend to upload the artwork to all my stores, and make it available as large 40” canvas.

Which if I purchased, would create a traditional art-show, my mind is set on something more portable, accessible, and neatly smelling: A Book.

Just imagine a nice hefty book with shiny illustrations, and three paragraph long descriptions or poems of each forgotten goddess.

I share this idea with you, because I want to encourage you to do something similar.

You can do Goddeses along with me, goodness know they could use more light.

But you can also grab a list of famous magicians, or mythical warriors, and present them as kittens, or perhaps as woodland creatures…

All dressed up in amazing outfits, uniforms, or suits or armour.

AI Powered Generative Art, and Language Model AI, will take care of the art work, and most of the text.

Thus making all the work cut out for you, where all you have to do, is pick the most beautiful pieces and stitch it all together.

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