For A World United In Greatness
For A World United In Greatness

Saturday • May 6th 2023 • 11:13:03 pm

For A World United In Greatness

Saturday • May 6th 2023 • 11:13:03 pm

The world isn’t just unnecessarily divided due to fear and mis-educaion, but it has always been this way, conflict and division was our original root.

Now, we are rising from that, European Union, United Stated, United Nations, people all over learning foreign languages, and of course the internet.

This is a big step for us, but if we accelerate or pace forward, with powerful self education, and entry into the cultures of greatness…

Then we can prevent the occurrence countless regrets, and growing pains, and rise to heights truly worthy of us, entire centuries ahead in time.

Our lack of education, and the false believe that creativity, brilliance, genius, greatness, only belong to the lucky few…

Is being exploited, by the creature, that only cares to rise one step, and only in order to turn right around and take advantage of others.

The fear, that keeps us divided, permeates everything, from the blank minds of your leaders, right down to the follower.

Who will not only stay down, but personify the laughable collective of fools, into a creature.

The unnecessary division has been used to build armies of stupid men, uneducated and desperate, and made to follow orders under mortal thereat.

The unnecessary divisions have been used to turn a screw, on the most vulnerable, and greatly profit, by taking little from most.

Poverty is not a fact of life, it is a world mistake that must be repaired.

We must accept the responsibility for our own self education, where we take to life changing books loved by independent thinkers.

Those who rise, cannot help but to gently tell a story of their great adventure, they inspire, enchant, and enrich our lives with countless lifetimes of wisdom.

Taking to profound self education, has never been more beautiful or magical, the free narrated books from libraries will keep you company in your travels.

All you have to do, is push fear, and stress, and threat, and punishment away, and start putting an inexpensive backpack together, for the tiniest adventures.

At first you don’t even have to leave your home, just put the tent up in your living room and play nature videos, to dream.

Let the books help you understand that adventures is just medicine, that we all need gentle little adventures to rise to intellectual independence.

Let them heal you, and as all the stress fades away, you will understand your books more and more.

You are brilliant, and you are meant to grow all the way up, until you rise to stand as a great and independent being.

The world will only begin healing once you, and others who are willing like you, begin independently rising towards a future of wisdom and greatness.

A future, that is truly worthy of us.