Harold and Wally
Harold and Wally

Sunday • May 3rd 2020 • 10:34:27 pm

Harold and Wally

Sunday • May 3rd 2020 • 10:34:27 pm

Bicycling some years ago, out thirty miles away,

along a road, and an ancient highway.

I found an overpass where I could perch upon,

and I discovered I wasn't really alone.

I figured it was the a huge love story,

about a boy named Harold and a girl named Wally.

She was a Book Worm, a Hero, and a Graffiti Artist,

and Harold loved her because she was the Smartest!

Wally fell in love with Harold,

as she knew he was a Poet with a Heart of Gold.

In 1980 some 40 years ago,

the two adventurers gave it ago.

They set off for Center State,

and that became their Longest Date!

It all their walking, it never rained,

and it never too sunny, neither complained.

They waked holding hands together for a hundred miles,

their adventure was amazing, nothing but smiles.

When they finally arrived at Mount Pleasant,

Harold quietly gave Wally her present.

It was a little book of foolish rhyme,

that Harold wrote over a long stretch of time.

They both just happily turned 57,

their life together is pure Heaven.

Both are super smart, extremely young, and very strong,

their sweet love for each other, is lifelong.

They still do their Mount Pleasant walk,

holding hands for days, sleeping-in until nine o'clock.

Harold makes really, really good Vegan Lettuce Wraps,

and Wally is a master at reading Maps.

They've been to all kinds of interesting places,

and they always arrive with beaming and smiling faces.

Here is where I took the photo few years ago,

just in case any of you guys want to go.