My Little Adventures In Art
My Little Adventures In Art

Tuesday • December 27th 2022 • 11:25:53 pm

My Little Adventures In Art

Tuesday • December 27th 2022 • 11:25:53 pm

This morning, I looked up how many days were left until first day of Spring.

Eighty Three, the computer, complained.

I set of on a quest this year, as Music and I, of all the things...

Have been at a disagreement, as it is never quite right for my workout dancing.

It all started when I bought, some 3D baroque ornamentation models.

For my Jewelry printing, I got a good look at neat jeweler inventions.

But I couldn't print them, not without certainties.

And here I stumbled on re-meshing, it is the tedious process, of rebuilding 3D models.

To make them more efficient, manifold, and fit your needs.

So the models I bought, for just a couple of dollars, ended up being just maps.

Then when examining the details on a $100 resin printer, I’ve noticed that jeweler needed more than a cheap printer.

While this is not a problem, as all the re-meshing will make me really good at modeling.

It is a tangent, I didn’t expect, and I had to suspend my Jewelry design.

I jumped to Art, and Krita’s Reference Images tool, proved to be magnificent.

I begun rebuilding photographs, and closed with my first proper venture into stylization.

Once reach Hyper-realism, the first thing you want to do, is get away from it.

Because Hyper-realism robs of you own personal style, Hyper-realism eventually tries to silence you.

In my research encountered a handful of portraits, from a number of artists, that were so beautiful.

That I needed to rest away from Art, because the height I reached, was no longer very far up there.

At this point, I was struggling with music, having freshly discovered…

That I could bring, new music into the world of Shuffle Dancing, if I just altered the tempo.

You can change the tempo of a song, without chipmunking it.

Both the open source Audacity, and command line ffmpeg have that feature.

This is where my computer started giving me trouble, and I had to an emergency website redesign.

So that the website generator, that drives my study of poetry, had a chance of running on a cheap computer.

I still have to finish some things, I have to escapee 600 poems, though it will take a moment, it is important.

Having music and programming on my mind, resulted in an unexpected tangent.

I wrote a very tiny window manager for web pages, because the Atom editor was being embraced, extended, and extinguished.

And a plain old web page just does not have enough room, to have everything opened, everywhere.

Short of a mouse cursor oversight, where I need to add mouse leave event to put the cursor back to normal.

I guess I do, have a windowing system.

Though it remains to be seen how many windows I can simulate, without a performance hit.

Without optimizations, it is probably between 10 and 30 which is not too bad.

Though it is not the 3,000 I was hoping for, when thinking about taking my window manager into the world of visual programming.

I like where my windows are, I don’t feel too bad about not being able to create a performant visual programming language.

I like the world of HTML, where the user interface is there for you, Bootstrap just released Alpha1 of dark mode support, color themes really.

So graphics programming, is just not that exciting right now, relatively speaking.

When the question of what program to create first for my little OS, came up.

I just wanted to write a desktop switcher, followed by a code editor and an xterm.js terminal.

I previously fitted the OS with a tiny CouchDB API inspired DB, it is just what svelte and svelte stores needed for more complex UI.

The db and a proper EventEmitter bus, with works great with xtermsjs as it can just emit commands as events.

I like the simplicity of Terminal escape sequences, even better than I like HTML.

But, somehow I ended up with a Beat sequencer clone, that looks exactly like the Tone.js sequencer example.

I plugged it into the still unfinished windows, and sat there making little four-tone-melodies.

Even though it sounds somewhat silly, they are proper audio samples, from some ancient Casio Piano – not synthesized.

Given some proper samples, It is already enough, to make some original dance songs that I so desperately need for my workouts.

With Spring so near, I continued thinking the colorful turns I took this year.

The year before I learned 3D printing, and making tools and screws, took to some mean jogging in snow, and studied Dance and Music Theory.

It all came together to create something more than I expected, I think it is because, I wasn’t trying to lean something that I felt was important.

But that I simply followed all the things that I was curios about, I’ve learned a magnitude more this way.

And I feel like I’ve created a sturdy stepping stone, that will help me explore even more curiosities, and perhaps more importantly, scattered across a broader field.

We should all set off on such little quests, no matter where they take us, I think pursuits of curiosities are far superior to any other form of education.

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