How To Tell If Your School Is Fake
How To Tell If Your School Is Fake

Friday • March 29th 2024 • 12:17:25 am

How To Tell If Your School Is Fake

Friday • March 29th 2024 • 12:17:25 am


Please understand, that while this text describes real education, it is also weighted down...

By a largely implied, system of checks, that makes it harder for schools and teachers, to return to merely selling an impression of education.

When we talk about making money, understand this as a guard, against ineffective education.

I do not present this as a blueprint, but a living mesh network, that is to jet optimize against fraud and fake education.

I will not explain the consequences of fake education, though make a quick not that an uneducated voter is a danger.

And that least developed nations, who seem to be moving backwards, perfectly display what we are in danger of, though on a much greater scale.

In short, in a real school you learn from other students, who tutor you in creating small side projects that a monthly, token amount of money.

This is a mechanism for ensuring that other students are learning, and connecting what they are learning to a real world context.

What we know as subjects today, won't have traditional divisions, like geometry, music theory, or object oriented programming.

But exist as a series of tutorials, specific to some larger context, geometry can for example be used in generative jewelry design and 3D printing.

Human being don't learn very well outside of real world context, tolerance of synthetic subjects...

Enables schools to trick students into inventing cramming, and just passes them along without learning anything for real.

If your school offers classes that sound like people’s hobbies, then at the very least it is trying to teach for real.

If you are being offered raw out of context math, physics, and chemistry, then your school is fake.

You must also pay attention, to what leads up to graduation.

A real school, with real subjects, will task each student with their mastery.

Which will then enable them to tutor other students, there must be no graduation without becoming a life changing tutor.

Real subjects come with an unfortunate self integrity test, in order to keep a school honest, each student must make a small amount of money.

Real subjects are thus, mastery of music creation, 3D printing jewelry, painting and illustration with the aid of a wall projector.

Real subjects roughly outline a small skillet that makes a sale, just enough to show that it is a real world subject.

3D printing jewelry, and illustration, are perfect candidates for learning the more synthetic subjects like programming and math.

Generative jeweler and AI aided book generation, will not only lead to math, but push the larger subject into more money making.

The point of of course to learn math and the traditional subjects, in a useful contexts that will further the questions and mastery.

If you school allows you to cram for tests, lets the teachers award points as they see fit, and pushes most of those who do not stick out into graduation…

Then it is in fact not a real school, it is a marketplace for selling an impression of education.

Learning, is an act of profound self betterment, integration of new knowledge, and a clear upgrade to your mind.

That results in new abilities, you don’t learn to save files, but generate code that can be compiled and ran.

You don’t practice hand eye coordination, which comes with practice anyway, but use generative art AI and a wall projector to immediatley create unique works.

Learning is neither a small lesson that does not fit anywhere, nor a free floating per-reqisute that will ease your memorization later on.

Moreover, learning requires a need, an unobstructed curiosity, if you don’t care about something, it is not learning, it is “not being ready”.

Schools are large institutions designed for streamlined learning, but if you don’t learn in school, then it is not a school.

It is simply, easier to run a fraudulent diploma mill with a few extra steps, such as an incomprehensible curriculum to feign hard earned knowledge.

The reason the administration would fake a curriculum, it because it is impossible to make a lecture relevant to an entire classroom.

It requires that administration puts in the effort, challenges the validity of tests, the entire architecture of an educational institution.

That all agree to stand up as one for knowledge, wisdom, greatness, towards world peace, a more intellectual global culture, and the betterment of Human Kind.

They have to rise against all the corrupt and lazy, who do not care for change, who just want to get paid and do as little as possible to put food on their table.

Put an A-Team together, and begin forming a mesh network of tutors, that teaches real world subjects, that then occasional drop into the classical more synthetic ones.

Get a programmer on your team, tell them to structure the first version of your software, as a WikiWiki.

And that the second version is a text game, that behaves as a Mult-User dungeon (a MOO/MUD), the Ai will help you expand the system inside out.

And eventually, you can give it a user interface, similar to the C64 game Aliens, where doors and interactive objects scroll horizontally.

This will give you a knowledge base and options, on how students and AI can come together in the future.

Talk to your city leaders, expose your existing school for what it is, stop memorizing, because that only keeps the fraud in place.

Finally, to gain the much needed insight into what learning for real means, and this is especially useful for Muddle School and High School students who are being cheated the hardest.

Learn JavaScript programming from internet video tutorials, look at Node-RED and p5.js first.

And sit in the back of the class, and compare fake education the teacher is making you perform, to what you just learned for real.

Take to listening to narrated books, written by clear thinking secular intellectuals.

Walk the Appalachian, Pacific Crest, and Continental Divide trails, to leave your indoctrination behind, and clear your vision of the future.

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