Helping Humanity Hurry Along
Helping Humanity Hurry Along

Thursday • July 6th 2023 • 11:39:50 pm

Helping Humanity Hurry Along

Thursday • July 6th 2023 • 11:39:50 pm

The moment you start listening to wise books, you immediately pull your self above all the fakers.

You get pulled up above a successful politician, who spend decades lying an pretending.

Learn, become an independent businessperson, maybe learn programming, and launch little side-projects.

To get there, you will need to go around ineffective education, what we know today as standardized education.

Self education and the greater pursuits of excellence, promises to transform Humanity into an intellectual culture.

It does not take much for victims of fake education, or indoctrination by religious cults or dictatorships to turn on their destroyers.

We have the more connected world now, that was a big step.

Now we just need to embrace Adventure and Narrated Books, the walk about, the legendary challenge, the mythical quest…

Is the oldest way to learn, the quest is part of every beloved myth.

The best way to start, is to reject ineffective education, to stop pretending to learn, to stop cramming, and chasing good grades.

To begin demanding, that you receive a self directed and integrated education, that makes you brilliant.

Standardized education, is a political fantasy, it is the invention of the pretenders.

Balanced education, is a way to sell your mind out for paychecks.

The reason teachers that do nothing always lie that teaching is hard, is because they are scared to get caught.

You have to make sure, that your education is like learning programming, with every new lesson your program is closer to completion.

If every new lesson just results in more confusion, that is done on purpose, to keep you in doubt for long enough to push you out.

Make sure that everything you learn is something you want to learn, because if a lesson never calls to you again, than that is just a waste of your time.

Ultimately, you are charged with becoming a Great Being, living a life you will love yourself for.

And yes, the same thing that makes you cheerful, courageous, inspired, also helps the word to advance faster to a safer and wiser future.