The Super Culture; Or The Road To Wisdom, Fairness, And World Peace
The Super Culture; Or The Road To Wisdom, Fairness, And World Peace

Friday • November 4th 2022 • 9:36:38 pm

The Super Culture; Or The Road To Wisdom, Fairness, And World Peace

Friday • November 4th 2022 • 9:36:38 pm

The line is blurry, a spectrum, religion is a designed culture, whereas Criminal Minds arise from emergent culture.

Emergent means, disorganized, a thing builds it self out of complexity.

Nobody really sat down to create world’s gangs, they just emerged out of poverty, and continue reemerging.

A designed culture, is an organized one, means funny hats and money collection trays.

There isn’t one person that benefits, up top, there is usually a hundred or thousands.

The little guy on top, is just a lighting rod, when it gets enough bad press it gets replaced.

A hard-won culture, is something somewhat off-the chart, it is the Philosopher, the Athlete, the Adventurer.

It emerges out of the best in us, out of the things that are all to human.

There is a benefit, but it is such a challenge, that you don’t care about benefits.

The hard one cultures only care about, self betterment, without an aim in sight.

I write this at a terrible time, where we have tragically lost teenagers.

To a designed culture, but not without response.

Aside from protests, in their infinite ways and bravery, they took to knocking the funny hats off of people’s heads.

This is a poem about Unity, World Unity.

I wanted to let you know, that to enter a culture, is to enter a tunnel.

There is away out, but it first requires an inner desire to exit the culture.

And second, moving, moving far and away from the other practitioners.

And starting a new life, without ever looking back.

I was once asked into a Jury Duty programme, the defendant stole a car.

When I said that I am unqualified for Jury Duty, because I am self taught.

He saw hope in me, and kept skipping other Jurors to try to pick me.

Without thinking, I instantly recognized that he broke out of the culture he was raised in.

The threat of real prison, made him break out of the one that his mind was in.

He wasn’t the same person anymore, he was new, meant to be free.

The courtroom invalidated it self, the Judge became a clown, in a scary circus.

The judge stoppped him from skipping over the other jurors, I was not picked, and asked to leave, I left traumatized for life.

They were going to betray that man, because they didn’t know culture made him do it.

Culture, that he was no longer part of.

He is out now, I am sure of it, he is likely aiming to become as close to a public defender as his record allows.

This man, will never think of himself, as someone who once stole a car – he knows that was not him.

This is why it is important to move as far as possible, away from a culture that one is abandoning.

And think of it as a new life, because prior to the exit, it wasn’t a life…

It was a prison, with invisible walls.

It takes a lot to convince a brain of separating our existence, it can be a petty criminal, a racist, a self medicating maniac.

And the mind will always say, look what you did, “you are a piece of shit”.

Sometimes called reprogramming, especially in cults, abuse, and addiction realms….

They were played, like a piano key.

They were betrayed, like cannon fodder.

They need a new life, they were just children, and they were betrayed.

The Philosophers and High Achievers, have much in common with those who rise out of that betrayal.

Just like that Self Taught Man, recognized family in me, the philosophers and late bloomers.

Recognize, a culture for what it is, a thick but rubber sleeve that can be exited, so as long as we hold course.

There is more to it, because in this misery of betrayal and bondage…

We find the hard won keys, for the Future of Humanity.

Once we start leaving bad ideas behind, cultures begin coalescing into a new emergent super-culture.

One, in which, we all converge on Wisdom and Word Peace.


If you feel like a prisoner in your culture, take to narrated books, you can find them free at your local library.

The following is a short list, of people that have a strong tendency to help those who have been betrayed, rise.

...and, a couple of philosophy books: