Regulae Ad Directionem Ingenii
Regulae Ad Directionem Ingenii

Thursday • January 21st 2021 • 11:04:05 pm

Regulae Ad Directionem Ingenii

Thursday • January 21st 2021 • 11:04:05 pm

A Thousand Books is not just about becoming wise,

it is also about becoming unstuck from whatever indoctrinations captured us.

One of the terrifying aspects of indoctrination is that you can't see it at first,

and society at large is not yet mature enough to separate indoctrination from personality.

There are many people who were sent to prisons,

not because of who they really are, but because they were decision-making in some creepy world.

I once met an otherwise nice older person,

who turned out to hate immigrants.

When I came to Michigan,

there was a scary number of high school kids believing that drugs were "cool".

And back in my country, back in middle school, I was the one who was misled,

I believed that bulled were a fact of life, I just didn't know to get help, I don't even tell my parents about them.

I told my grand ma once,

she immediately turned away, which was very unlike her...

And in passing said:

"You're going to be OK, because you have a lion's heart."

It is probably her fault that I wear a tail for Halloween,

and write poetry under Furkies Purrkies on cat pea dot com, thanks Grand Ma.

Do you see what I am saying,

indoctrination is a thing, because it is invisible to those who are indoctrinated.

And can you see how easily a thousand books can help people to see themselves outside in,

and how probably all of them would dig them selves out before something bad happened.

A thousand narrated books, and in some cases, lectures and study guides that help with understanding them,

would sure help the world grow.

Plato's Allegory Of The Cave, warns us about people rejecting truth,

that they have not set off to discover on their own.

René Descartes takes the idea of warped reality further,

encouraging us to push back on traditions and take time to think things through, similar to self-therapy.

Today, with modern technologies,

our thinking can be greatly helped by inheriting wisdom from narrated books.

Whatever it is that we got stuck in,

it only takes a hundred books to get unstuck.

And another nine-hundred,

just to be safe.