Strive To Be Cheerful
Strive To Be Cheerful

Wednesday • December 23rd 2020 • 11:17:27 pm

Strive To Be Cheerful

Wednesday • December 23rd 2020 • 11:17:27 pm

Might is meant for battle only,

when battles end, we must return to balance.

Life is meant to revolve around cheerfulness,

or sweet mischief if you are one of those.

It is fueled by knowledge,

driven by wisdom, all towards greatness.

It matters that we are good to ourselves,

that we care about our body and mind.

Some battles such as World Peace,

can't yet be fought, and we must not try.

If something is too big,

then it will take our cheerfulness and life away.

There is much in the world that needs repair,

but first the world must become wiser.

Before a battle for World Peace is fought,

we must repair schools.

And before we take to repairing schools,

we must first speak out about what is wrong with them.

The wiser our approach to such great endeavors,

the more you will see that it calls for clear thinking.

And clear thinking cannot come,

out of an unbalanced mind.

It requires peace, and cheerfulness, the sun and the moon,

ocean sunshine, snowy adventures, and fragrant woods.

We must be kind to ourselves,

as in haste of might, all our life may pass us by.

And so I offer a small purrsciption,

to ensure that you are forever well.

Above all,

slow down.

Ensure that have time to listen to an audio book each week,

the book need not be long but it must be fascinating.

Prepare a tent and a backpack for this summer,

even if it is just for camping in your backyard.

Get a Mini Projector to trace photos on canvas,

and get some good watercolors, oils or pencils to begin study art.

And to keep heath, search the internet for Dance Tutorials,

and let the music move your body.

You can be sure that you live in balance within your self,

when you have time for self improvement and keeping healthy.

If this is something that you can't do,

then you must learn to love yourself more, and try harder.

Your health and the way you treat yourself in life,

must be the first and foremost concern.

Because, if you can't or don't care about yourself,

then many others will be too scared to care for you.

Haste and Might are handy,

but just for a little while.

Balance, Creativity, Peace, and Health,

is how life is meant to be lived.

Do not be scared to switch majors, or carers, or continents,

be good to yourself, strive to be cheerful.