Indoctrination, Education, And Prevention
Indoctrination, Education, And Prevention

Wednesday • December 27th 2023 • 12:27:01 am

Indoctrination, Education, And Prevention

Wednesday • December 27th 2023 • 12:27:01 am

In many places around the world, there seem to be two silent and invisible forces at play, the trickery of forced indoctrination that mis-shapes minds.

And the power of self education, that enhances them towards a certain greatness.

Greatness in its health and vision, leads to something that we can frame with the word prevention.

There is no prevention in the darkness of indoctrination, just a dark age that slides towards a preset aim.

And I wish, the dark ages were over, but they have just begun in multiple places around the world.

In one place, sixth grade, just became the final grade, that is where the dark minds start getting scared of little girls.

War, and all the upcoming conflicts, which look pretty nuclear at the time of writing.

Causes another dark age, a loss of generations, and trauma of the hell that war is.

Wherever you see children being misled, there you can expect war followed by dark ages.

Old timers are correct when saying that songs have something to do with it, every age has it corrupted jingles that drive the depressed to madness.

For old times it was Rock & Roll, the very name is slang, for temporary relationships and a soulless existence.

And today, it is precise lyrics, written in hate, but so well hid, it takes a shrink to catch it.

Perhaps rather than holding her own had, she should listen to her own lyrics, first.

It is not deliberate, never as deliberate as it seems, the dark ages are not carefully constructed.

It is just the result of stupid, of never reading a book, of never rising.

For whatever it is worth it “What an odd thing to say” moment, was when all of a sudden America, still a leader.

Started being called “The West”, and stupid politicians propagate that term, advanced nations are not a geographic direction.

But a direction that humanity must move towards, as to leave dark ages, bad ideas, war…

And stupid concepts like mutually assured destruction, behind.

Indoctrination is a trick is as old as crappy parents, who present a subset of the world, laced with false beliefs…

And raise a convenient, obedient, and useful tool, their mental health be damned.

So goes that saying; that an educated servant, is a no good servant – to paraphrase it mildly.

On the opposite end, is the wise parent, how will raise their children surrounded by philosophers.

So that the child grows up in the culture of greatness, simply inheriting it as their own, as their world.

Traveling upwards, unlimited steps, a plateau of wisdom, upon a plateau of wisdom.

To face the men who sold the world, a victorious warrior, does not in fact go into battle.

To face the enemy sounds like this: “We hope to lower the mandatory draft age to 25”.

This is not a winning move, this is merely the only move, and it just sends more children to die for stupid adults blinded by dark ages.

This feeds the enemy; I gives it the misery it wans.

The younger generations must be protected at all cost, they must be inspired, made better an us.

Quote me on this: A child may not clean a toilet, after someone older than them.

The father who finally sent their kid to work at the gas station, makes a mistake.

And when a child utters “I can’t, I have a job now”, then they may move towards an existence...

Where anxiety will keep them up at night, and depression will make them tired during the day.

And in context of serving in battle, this misery becomes death, if not in body, then surely in spirit.

This is where Prevention comes in, it is the power to wipe the war from existence, before it happens.

Do you understand, and do you now understand what it means when a tired soldier says.

That war is hell, it means, once the point of prevention is crossed, we shift into hell.

There are no answers there, it is children on both sides.

And I worry that the first regiments of bad guys, were those who faced certain death by protesting against the war.

There are no answers after the point of prevention is crossed, just hate, and pain, and dark ages.

That war is created on purpose to move money, towards other war, is too conspiratorial, too outrageous, to eve believe.

Even if such vile creatures exist, may someday exist, no one would believe.

This is why prevention is all we have, and unlike the bad people who must hide in the shadows.

Prevention is about self education, an noble of a pursuit as Wisdom and Greatness.

There is a a road, and it begins with a trip to the library, just browsing the paper books, slowly moving towards their narrated versions.

Narrated books are read by professional narrators, sometimes, if one is lucky by their authors.

Books require room, they ask to take up hiking and camping, the Appalachian Trail, maybe The Pacific Crest, or Continental Divide.

Narrated books almost take the world all the way up, but, not all the way.

We each still need to secure a career, find something like computer programming or interactive art and design.

Something that is in the mind, that cannot be taken away, that can always be enhanced, by thnking.

Something small and driven by curiosities, so that one continues revisiting it, until it turns in to a brilliant little company.

For this, tutorials and internet videos go a long way. almost all the way again, but there is just one more stop.

We each have to leave a legacy, a height upon the retirement, and I think that becoming a great learner, also makes a great educator.

There is a better age to be had, and today meaningful self education appears to be the only way to get there.

People need help to navigate their way forward, just like a learner becomes a teacher, so does a traveler become a guide.