When Teachers Don’t Know What Teaching Is
When Teachers Don’t Know What Teaching Is

Saturday • October 29th 2022 • 10:37:46 pm

When Teachers Don’t Know What Teaching Is

Saturday • October 29th 2022 • 10:37:46 pm

Everyone is faking it, until they make it, and they never do.

And if they don’t lie, cheat, and steal, they will be out-competed by someone who will.

And this is all just symptoms, the problem; all the way down on the bottom…

Is that we accept the culture that we are born into, far too easily, and always without protest to the worst ideas.

Humanity has, placed it self in poverty.

And all the fake it until you make it types, are terrified of change.

The natural tendency for our great achievements, is regression, and corruption.

It takes effort to create, and no effort to destroy.

To move the world away from war, we have to think two generations ahead.

It is not us; that the world is about,
but those; into whose hands, we will be delivering it.

The power that keeps the world the way it is. is the collective brute force of the uneducated individual.

The children who will receive a fake or invective education today, will end up perpetuating their fathers own shortsightedness tomorrow.

Do not look to politicians, they are far too busy, campaigner, manipulating, misunderstanding and distrusting one another.

They don't just forget what they were elected for, they never understood it or its gravity in the first place.

Just like a teacher, who has never taught you the subject, that you were in class for.

There are two very important things, that we must all ensure, in order to change things in the future.

We have to admit that we don't control the rules of our own world, we don't understand them, we can't agree because we don't have the right education.

And we have to abandon all the shortsighted ideas, that take us right back to committing the same mistakes.

This change will not come about full circle in our lifetimes, but we must set it in motion.

One we have to tell children in Middle School, that we never intended for poverty to hold the world hostage.

We don’t know how it happened, we didn’t notice it, because it was already there when we were children.

And Two, that we are genetically predisposed to inherit, and sustain the culture of our elders, even if it leads us self destruction.

This is talent that once worked well, but with 10 billion people, we have to converge on wisdom and world peace.

We know High School is ineffective, because we didn’t learn any of the subjects.

We know that grades, subject and time divisions; are there; for teachers to get paid - they are not for the students.

And we know that we can prevent wars decades ahead, by repairing schools with computerized and individualized education.

That real, beautiful, meaningful, Middle School And High School; can fix everything.

Just like world governments are the worst place to search for positive change, schools are the worst place to learn, or even teach at.


Parents, sustain the myth of standardized education, by finding a convenient babysitter; and somebody else to blame, in school.

Worst still, schools are completely punishment based; for a growing mind... holding them back and making them as permanently late, is prison and torture.

The real definition of real education, is spending few weeks studying something, that a student wants, and is ready for.

And walking away, with a brand new superpower, not a fragment, not a pre-requisite, but the whole wonderful thing.

Subject divisions, made learning-for-real impossible, a real subjects more likely to be entitled.

“$8 dollar 3D Printed programmable DIY drones”, not soldering, introduction to programming, and distant hopes of 3D printing.

Do not wait, until you have to go shopping for Potassium Iodide tablets.

To realize; that children need real education, that creates instant and life long results.

You, as a teacher, or a parent, you were never meant to be born under the threat of hunger and homelessness.

And the only thing your children were supposed to inherit, was your goodness and wisdom, not your cultural or financial standing.

The little ones, require a fair and equal start, and a loving, powerful, authentic, effective self directed education.

Tell the little ones; and make sure they do not forget, that they are meant to grow, all the way up, until they become wise and great beings.