Tuesday • October 31st 2023 • 11:09:11 pm


Tuesday • October 31st 2023 • 11:09:11 pm

Reimagination, is the art of rejecting the old and building the better, is the poetry of seeing, being, believing, living.

It is what makes great artists, famous and unstoppable.

What makes a programmer, or engineer; a creative hacker, an inventor, a builder, a leader.

It is what makes philosophers, think, outside-in to see the whole world

It is about dismissing, what we don't have proof for, what we can't reproduce.

And that which is outdated, without pause, without giving it a second thought.

And just building a better world, without letting anyone get in the way.

Just imagine that majority is always wrong, because it is always moving in incompatible directions.

Before it can move in unison the world has to converge, on knowledge and wisdom.

That means, we need effective education.

And that means, someone, needs to hold up the sign, that reads.


Imagine that grades can't define you, and any institution that uses them.

Is by that act alone fraudulent, merely pretending to teach in return for state funding.

Grades, are meaningless.

That only authentic progress, matters.

Imagine that among all cultures, none are correct.

That growing all the way up, and becoming a great being is all there is.

Imagine that rituals are no substitute, for the real things.

You can't become mature, because of a birthday.

You can't become knowledgeable, because of graduation, or diploma.

The simulation, or symbolic, is opposite of the real.

In your imagination you will uncover, a simple surface for world building.

A new start to your thoughts, free of inauthentic influences.

A world that you can understand, that can never move towards war.

And in between these lines, you will learn about human nature.

About who we are, where we are, and where we need to be.

And what it is like, to think free.