Fitness Myths: Diet, Sets & Reps, Machines, And A Real Shortcut
Fitness Myths: Diet, Sets & Reps, Machines, And A Real Shortcut

Thursday • December 14th 2023 • 12:22:06 am

Fitness Myths: Diet, Sets & Reps, Machines, And A Real Shortcut

Thursday • December 14th 2023 • 12:22:06 am

Protein powders and supplements are a mostly a lie, and if you are large, then they are just more candy.

Eat well, don’t starve yourself, burn up your fat with exercise not diet because your body needs nutrition.

Fitness is a life long commitment, if you cut yourself away from foods, you’ll eventually develop issues.

Eat a mixed diet of everything, that humans and animals normally eat.

Think of your body as a cute and delicate kitty that you are taking care of, don’t give it sugar, don’t starve it, and give it a little bit of everything.

Make sure it is ready for occasional long adventures, and that it can not just handle the common cold, but maybe get ahead of it.

It you are large, and desperate.

Prepare your meals by filling a large bowl with shredded lettuce, then add a much smaller version of your usual meal, as flavoring.

But to do it right, add an extra hour to your daily exercise routine.

Don’t count sets/reps at the gym, your body does not care for numbers, counting will cut you off from finishing your exercise.

I think counting was just invented to prevent people from hugging equipment, to keep everyone moving, it is not useful.

The only reason to use a machine at the gym, is when you are hurt, when your back is out, when you can’t walk, when you have broken bones.

You must not isolate muscle groups while you are healthy, those machines make you worse off.

While you are healthy, you should move, flex, and dance, live, so that if you do get hurt you have all kinds of muscles everywhere that may help you.

Think of the machines at the gym as poor analogues, exactly like the ones at the space station.

They will cause you to lose muscle mass, you want to do the real thing.

Even if you became a professional body builder, you would still want to avoid those machines.

For every muscle you focus on, you will lose the other ones.

And if you are hoping to make some muscles smaller, to make some other larger...

Or have a crazy bodybuilding judge who is set, on seeing some tiny muscle somewhere...

Then you need change in your life, I recommend walking the Appalachian Trail with Narrated Books in your ears.

Stretch, flex, dance, swim, hike, and chop and carry wood.

Every fiber of muscle, should tell an authentic story of who you are.

Don’t sit at the gym, and don’t’ sit on equipment between exercises, a workout is non-stop.

Imagine if you were walking a horse where you take tend steps, and then rest five minutes.

The horse wouldn't understand that as an exercise, he’d think you are just trying to find a better spot to rest.

You need to walk the horse for three hours strait, you need to make the horse worry that it is never going to be over.

Go slow and long, and never stop.

Finally, the part of you that gets bored, is healthy, it just means that your exercise is boring, and your mind is sound and healthy.

To get into the warrior groove, where you gradually increase your endurance, and send a clear message to your body to adapt or die.

You will need to synchronize with the beat of songs, otherwise called dancing.

That is the shortcut, you have to dance with dumbbells.

While fitness, is a lifetime commitment.

Diet, sets, reps, protein powders, and muscle machines, take five times longer, and put more strain on your body.

If you dance with dumbbells you can accomplish in thee years, what will take others fifteen.

And then you can put less strain on your body, and take better care to maintaining it.

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