Today, Art Is Calling Out To All
Today, Art Is Calling Out To All

Friday • January 27th 2023 • 10:00:07 pm

Today, Art Is Calling Out To All

Friday • January 27th 2023 • 10:00:07 pm

There is a sense of urgency in the air, because right now Art Generators are still primitive.

When you prompt for some art creation, and you should always search the internet for AI prompts first…

You will often see errors, a third bunny ear, Nineteen and half fingers, and a misplaced iris.

This is a young artists dream, to leap into saving images that will otherwise be deleted.

To start learning art, by practicing hands on complete works.

With the Art of Photo-bashing a hop away, a collection of AI generated images….

can quickly become a real work of art, as all they are missing is heart.

Beyond repairs and the art of photo-bashing, lies the world of custom portraits.

We can merge photos with text prompts, but some of the most beautiful results you discover this way…

May need a lot of work, not the tedious 100 hours, but a couple of days.

This is truly the heart, of this marvelous invitation.

Because here anyone who wants to become a custom, hand drawn digital art creator…

Finds a very comfy on ramp, that only requires the Digital Pen and Tablet and free and Open Source Krita.

You load up the AI generated image, place a semi-transparent Reference Images Tool, image over it.

And by picking colors from both layers, start painting the eyes you need, over the AI generated image.

All the hard work is done, you got all the colors you need, you just need to paint the eyes and nose, maybe lips to finish the art.

In closing, art generators have problems, that young artists can easily fix, and get a free art education in the process.

Art generators take care of all the boring parts, and invite you to learn art by repairing the mistakes.

This is beautiful, a golden ticket, truly an invitation into the world of art, for all.


The invitation also extends to those who prefer oil and canvas, here using a wall projector, you project ideas and additions as needed.

You can prompt the program for a a more advanced costume, or armor, with wild ornate intricate details, to make your portrait even more powerful.

It is an invitation for all, no exceptions.