The Incredible Distance
The Incredible Distance

Friday • January 26th 2024 • 11:17:36 pm

The Incredible Distance

Friday • January 26th 2024 • 11:17:36 pm

Reality does not bend, it just can’t, it stands as a brick wall – and that will never change.

It is the swift and miserable end, of all troublemakers.

Bad people are stuck in a tiny world, where nothing they do ever matters.

They don’t understand anything, like a pickpocket selling a masterpiece for a dollar.

There is a silly middle ground, but I think that is just temporary immaturity.

Like training for our vision, to cast off the immature and become adult.

It is like celebrating Philosophers, to keep dignity alive.

But the virtues are already precious, an they belong to the heights.

Which brings us to the correct direction, the real, the high ground, the never ending series of plateaus.

The mountains, whose tips we never reach, but we do get to retire in the sun far above the cloud cover.

It is the up, in growing up, and it is a lifetime of such kind of rise…

That you just Amor Fati the thing, and call it your beautiful adventure.

And the thing that immediately comes to mind here, is the distance we can travel.

How far you rise is limited by nothing, not even limited by time.

There are no walls here, and manipulators and lies cannot ever rise.

Your contributions always count, as the challenges you cross are take under account.

You become part of the human legacy, precisely because of your tenacity.

You make every step precious because it is true, and thus has the power to expand a person’s view.

It is how humanity keep together, all the honest lessons serve as a theater.

And that is the first thing in life, inherit your wisdom to avoid strife.

This way we start where the greats leave off, they help us rise to become wise and tough.

The distance we can travel is so long, that it become a road, upon which we grow strong.

It is the wise and the rise, a road where simple greatness is the prize.

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