Convergence On Wisdom And World Peace
Convergence On Wisdom And World Peace

Monday • July 18th 2022 • 9:59:15 pm

Convergence On Wisdom And World Peace

Monday • July 18th 2022 • 9:59:15 pm

In 1804 Earth had 1 billion people,
in 25 years it will have 10 billion.

The only thing we can do is build real schools,
that bring real education, real wisdom, and real greatness into peoples hands.

These schools need to be powerful and beautiful,
no punishment, no grades, no assholes, just pure love for wisdom.

All these other things that good and secretly bad people talk about,
are non-sense, shortsighted, infantile nonsense.

Every human being is capable of Beautiful Genius,
but we are all too easily mislead.

Right now,
poverty is the biggest negative force.

is preventing people from learning.

We need universal income,
because the world is too big to keep it in poverty.

It is a gift for the future generations,
so that young people from all around the word...

Can cheerfully wake up in the morning,
take a cab to the airport.

Rent an apartment in their favorite city,
have lunch each morning at a museum.

And spend most of their days,
listening to audio books.

While browsing libraries, record stores,
art shops and stores, and Sushi restaurants.

We need children to feel safe,
to be of good cheer.

To know that universal income,
will never be taken away from them no matter where they go.

Unless they can grow,
by exploring the safe parts of the world.

The neighborhoods where they are from,
will never know modern culture.

When a generation is denied access to modern culture,
there is always an evil and deliberate reason.

Those time and cultural gaps
will be used for slavery and war.

The politicians will not fix this,
in 35 years they will have long retired.

You don’t need to start with universal income,
just the school that will help people see how important it is.

It is all really up to you,
and your generation.

Build the schools,
start with audio books.

January 1st 2057 can become the year,
when the world celebrates World Peace and Wisdom.

Stop pretending to learn by memorizing for grades and a promise of some imaginary future,
and accept the responsibility for real and profound self education.

Take to authentic knowledge,
and it in turn will take you to authentic wisdom.

And wisdom, is the enlightenment you need,
to light your way to greatness...

And the beautiful and peaceful future,
that truly, is worthy of you.