Undulations Of Human Kind; Or, On Escaping Indoctrination And Becoming A Citizen Of The World
Undulations Of Human Kind; Or, On Escaping Indoctrination And Becoming A Citizen Of The World

Tuesday • January 24th 2023 • 11:03:25 pm

Undulations Of Human Kind; Or, On Escaping Indoctrination And Becoming A Citizen Of The World

Tuesday • January 24th 2023 • 11:03:25 pm

Who or what has us trapped? we do, we do it to ourselves.

Richard Dawkins says, it is an evolutionary adaptation, the kids that don’t listen to adults and test the Hippo or Snake, don’t survive.

We ere suffering from a genetic blight, we don’t seek to cure it, because, it prevents us from seeing it.

Lots of predators, adapted to be invisible, heck, the movie Predator is about an invisible creature.

But, let us not personify or anthropomorphize the ailment, rather let us recognize that we are suffering from this blight…

Because it comfortably piggy-backs, on our blind spots.

To rephrase it, humanity’s blind-spots, are a great place to hide and thrive.

This was never a huge secret, the reason modern religions combine the religious beliefs all the cults they displaced.

Is because of deliberate efforts, to use the evil of this blight, to make a city, or build a nation, or take a little bit of coin from a lot of people.

Military today is recruiting teenagers with clever commercials, computer games, and later, praise, praise ensures that their kids will also see military as a height to strive for.

And teachers are semi-aware that they are hearding yonug people, though the many bull-pens of bull-shit with grades, threats, and carrots on a stick.

The real reason why you are told that you won’t always have a calculator on hand, but at the same time forced memorize things without comprehension.

Is that your teacher needs to get paid, compared to your teachers paychecks, you mean nothing.

If you meant anything, at all, each class you chose to take, would leave you shaping, crushed, by new superpowers.

In case you don’t believe me, I invite you to train your eyes on the wall or screen proector in your artclass, it was origuianlly called Camera Obscura, more recently Camera Lucida.

Try to imagine yourself projecting a selfie of a person you adore on a canvas, and be free to make them smile, to make them see you.

And now listen to the teacher, dirty-ass live models, hand-eye-coordination, and when you turn your back, you are hormones to her, or if you are a man, sometimes a pig.

Music theory, is even worse, I refuse to write about forced finger practice, that is an evil, that these poems will never describe.

You were born a composer, and it was taken from you, without you noticing, the mechanism was invisible.

Music theory destroys the musician in you, because it is music programming language that brings compatibility with the works of other artists.

And you know, it is pretty brainless to teach, and square enough to test with grades.

But Music Theory and the Music already playing in you, are opposites, Music Theory will first destroy what makes you want to compose.

Music theory songs, can’t make people dance.

There are so few segments worthy of dance, that it is not a crisis of tonality, music lays dead.

The teachers destroyed music, for a paycheck, and a pat.

It won’t be dead for long, it is already twitching back to life, but it will no longer be made by the cookie cutter humans.

Now, the real music will be made by Generative Technologies, the same way those beautiful works of art are made.

You didn’t notice it, but art, has also died, I was unlucky enough to see the final pale twitch of it, it terrified me at the time.

I saw a brilliant artist, bless him, use colors taught in college, to create a work as deaf and tepid as the standard Windows XP desktop background, excepts largely desaturated.

He was right to be proud, he did everything perfectly, the weeping colors cried in perfect harmony.

Maybe you are a programmer, yes, I mean that language, language that is still slow.

Language, that you have to pay for, if you want to develop in the main flavor.

You too were a victim once, or are you still adding type definitions to an untyped language to pop-up…

a useless, annoying, distracting, worthless list of completions, leave it to the AI, so not let them extend and extinguish you...

Don’t be childish, don’t make a fool of yourself.


Point is, Indoctrination is everywhere, it is the common cold, the rhinovirus, for our mind.

Cornell West in Astra Taylor’s Examined Life captures it most poetically, they virus is in out tacit assumptions, our un-articulated presuppositions.

One you look for it, it will stop being invisible, and you’ll hover up few hundred narrated books to reenergize yourself in no time.

The people who naturally notice indoctrination are the outsiders, the outsiders are the positive anomalous, and always for a reason.

The bad guys, the negative, when pulling out of indoctrination, will often have a very difficult time.

No one ever effectively convinces themselves, that whatever they did to become a bad person wasn’t their fault.

I always encourage them to stand guard, at their point of no return, to find meaning in preventing others from fracturing the same way.

We should do the same, and never forgive bullies, this is our way of guarding points of no return.

In collaboration with the other side, we build a wall to prevent the little ones from reacting points of no return.

In that way, there is a forgiveness, in never forgiving, who would have thought.

The traveler is the first kind of person that sees indoctrination naturally, in a healthy way, the moment a Human steps into two different cultures at once, they snap out of both.

The abused and the the castaways, that rose above pain, and became, Thinkers, Creators, Leaders, and thus coherent and whole.

Have a more abrupt if not brutal exit, from indoctrination and they do not need two separate cultures to see both as theater,

Once betrayed, they wisely reject all cultures, and never return to any, thus becoming Great Citizens of The World.

Robert Ardrey helps us find compassing for ourselves, a forgiveness for the Dark Ages, that have so snuck up on us, and linger to this day in Humanity’s blind-spots.

“But we were born of risen apes, not fallen angels, and the apes were armed killers besides.

And so what shall we wonder at? Our murders and massacres and missiles, and our irreconcilable regiments?

Or our treaties whatever they may be worth; our symphonies however seldom they may be played; our peaceful acres, however frequently they may be converted into battlefields; our dreams however rarely they may be accomplished.

The miracle of man is not how far he has sunk but how magnificently he has risen.

We are known among the stars by our poems, not our corpses.”

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