The Adventurer
The Adventurer

Wednesday • May 22nd 2019 • 12:26:45 am

The Adventurer

Wednesday • May 22nd 2019 • 12:26:45 am

Nordhouse Dunes: Backpacking in a Snowstorm on Lake Michigan

Endless Horizons

In moving. In endless horizons, and mountains, and the sea; we learn to
break away, and find our own paths. And there is a slope to each adventure
that follows, and the adventurer knows that slope must increase, and the
challenges must grow also.

Quote by Kristen Jongen

Strength does not reside in having never been broken, but in the courage
required to grow strong in the broken places.

-- Kristen Jongen



Endless Horizons

Christopher Johnson McCandless, aka Alexander Supertramp, aka Alex teaches us important lessons about the unbreakability of the human spirit, the danger of loneliness, and about the nearly irresistible beauty of the call to the wild.

Jon Krakauer wrote a book about Alex entitled Into the Wild, and there is also a movie.

Eddie Vedder - Guaranteed


No matter how dark our origins. No matter where we stand, and where we are
headed. We are each charged with becoming a great being, by growing up, by
growing all the way up.

On a bended knee, is no way to be free. Wherever we come from,
Authenticity is our candle in the dark.

Carine McCandless, Christopher’s sister, explains a lot more about his

Carine McCandless

Quote by Robinson Jeffers

To die having made Something more equal to the centuries Than muscle and
bone, is mostly to shed weakness.

-- Robinson Jeffers

Inextinguishable Wisdom

Our search for wisdom, as well as our climb onto the shoulders of giants,
is just the first part of our story. When we learn to push ourselves to
travel the hardest slopes, our shoulders will become strong enough to
support the countless adventurers that are sure to follow. Long after we
depart, our hard earned wisdom will retain the momentum of our hardest
slopes, to serve as an inextinguishable candle in the dark.