What Else Can Today’s Artificial Intelligence Do?
What Else Can Today’s Artificial Intelligence Do?

Wednesday • January 3rd 2024 • 11:38:04 pm

What Else Can Today’s Artificial Intelligence Do?

Wednesday • January 3rd 2024 • 11:38:04 pm

Because today’s AI is a phenomenon, much like radio waves, where it was discovered, not invented.

It is what it is, it is limited, and the intelligence component is faint.

But so were the first radio signals, even the first light bulbs were dim.

We need to improve what we got, use repeater towers, better filament.

Text generating AI is best used, when you ask it to create a list.

And then go over that list to strengthen, al the points.

That weaves you into the points, and it helps the AI dig deeper.

That means you can write books, ask the AI for a list of chapters and then sections.

And it will gush stories for you, it will emit coherent paragraphs.

AI hallucinates, so if you ask for a programming book, you will have to test everything, thrice.

But if you ask it for a cook book, the worst that will happen.

If a banana in place of an apple, it won’t make the dresser better….

But it will make it, more interesting, in an honest and good way.

To know exactly what you can do, just go to a book store.

All those books, can be generated.

There are even services, that will create audiobooks.

But reading your AI creation out loud, will help to catch all the bugs and help you make final changes.

You should be the one narrating the books, it is not easy, and you won’t do it right when tired.

People who try, may end up re-recording, entire hours, so you need a crisp mind.

Which brings us to books with illustrations, including extras like calendars, playing cards, or tarot cards.

The AI can do line art, and frighteningly well, that means you can generate entire coloring books.

And they will work for any subject, you can create a massive business.

Coloring books outline another capability, AI creates unique things.

And as the case is with coloring books, the more the better.

It means nothing, that there already exists, a book about coloring zebras or pandas.

People will appreciate more, and every book generation will be unique.

There is a second thing in the realm of black and white, and that is the drawing book, or drawing reference book.

And here the results are stunning, no artist will get enough.

And in fact, what makes a book in this area special, is weight and size.

The larger the page, the more of the drawings, the more sought your book will become.

Some people will like one subject, others may with for history, or just heads for reference.

Crayons, is the next thing, they look beautiful for decorating children’s books.

The images look like painted by a child, but they are acuate, colorful, and always eyecatching.

Get a text generating AI, write a book that teaches kids about programming.

And perhaps manners, that are expected of programmers.

And then just fill it with vaguely relevant crayon doodles.

The moth that gave the Rise to bugs, the rubber duck that many a lonesome programmer knew all to well.

And then leading programmer figures, how funny would it be to depict a famous personality with crayons.

Art generating artificial intelligence, can also easily handle simple, structured graphics, such as tarot cards.

You will need to give it a description, and some sample photos to hand onto a common theme, and boom.

Though tarot is a strange thing, this demonstrates the power of art generators.

You get an intricate border, and because the AI is aware of all the other cards…

You don’t have to give, an exact description of what you need.

And let me tell yo something, I would seriously consider spending maybe $4 on Tarot cards with robots.

Or cyborgs, or bootleg superheroes, I don’t know anything about Tarot, but I got $4 right here.

It is very important, to mention UI Kits, and Website Design, a UI Kit is a beautiful minimum you need to make an application.

Couple of buttons, a drop down, some borders with a Scroll Bar.

The AI can also generate images of web page designs, and product pages, and that always comes out nice.

In both of these instances, you have to be familiars, with some heavy things to turn these into hits.

This is not to say, that you need to be a Web Developer.

But that you pay one, to convert your pictures into a WordPress theme that you can sell for a few bucks.

Finally, to keep it short, there is one more unusual thing the Art AI is really good at.

Logos, emblems, t-shirt motifs, and simple things that you ask it to generate on an isolated background.

I haven’t tried it yet, but I bet it is really good at generating interesting Business Card designs as well.

What does this all mean, it means a lot of jealous angry people, that don’t want you to do any of this.

Because it took them years to master, what you, without any training can do in less than 20 seconds.

Wait until people realize, that Doctors and Lawyers are next, these extremely expensive and demanding careers...

Were not a good idea, under AI, they were not a good bet, though both are precious today, this will change completely.

There will always be a human signing off on important things, but it will be a much smaller workforce.

Can the AI come after programmers, yes, but we have to use the book chapters trick from above.

We need a lot of breaking down, and book sided instructions.

But I tell you what, the AI ready has the code, when trained on high quality data, not just random forums.

It is possible to tell it to create very large programs, and with instructions and tests, but not the code, written by programmers.

It can probably generate, Office Suites, Photo Editors, maybe Web Browsers, but this would be a lot of work.

But it is not impossible, and like with Lawyers and Doctors, we still need quality control.

Lastly, even weak intelligence, has the ability to expand it self, this in a high quality method of learning.

But it is fast, automated, you just get the AI to write books, like described above.

And have the next version, learn form them.

It is OK to be scared, to be angry, to be disappointed be it because it is too much or too little.

This is what it was like when people started switching to cars, there was a lot of angry folk with horses, many calling people names.

“I had to learn how to wash them, and brush them and ride them, the automobile will rob me of my future.”

Famously Ford sad, if I asked people what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse.

This is where we are at today, a lot of angry people wan their horses to continue to sell well – but that is not how progress works.

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