The Symphony Beneath The Stars
The Symphony Beneath The Stars

Sunday • May 9th 2021 • 10:21:16 pm

The Symphony Beneath The Stars

Sunday • May 9th 2021 • 10:21:16 pm

You belong among

Artists, Adventurers, Thinkers, Creators, Writers, and Story Tellers.

Every step you take brings your mind closer,

to Wisdom, Enlightenment, and Greatness.

You are not a worker, you are not an employee,

you are not poor, you are not ugly, and you do not lack intelligence.

We are all short for more Knowledge,

the path of knowledge that leads to Wisdom, Enlightenment and Greatness... is called growing up.

For all our differences,

we are all headed in the same direction.

We are all to converge on wisdom,

in Peace, Dignity and Beauty, and with Foresight or Enlightenment.

We can all agree that the more we know,

the more we grow.

That acquisition of knowledge changes us,

transform us, brings us closer together.

And like Night follows the Day,

this applies backwards too.

Nations, Peoples, Cultures, Religions,

fight one another, because Knowledge - the path to Wisdom and Enlightenment and Greatness - has been denied to them.

Blinded by poverty and rage,

they never have time to consider who they would be, if they were born to the enemy that they stand against.

What would their truths be,

had they been born to another Culture.

If they do ask this simple question,

they will realize than not only have they been mislead, but their enemy too.

And that there is nothing to fight about,

that we are all in this together.

You are not a worker,

you were never meant to be an ordinary person.

You are meant to breathe the crisp mountain air beneath the stars,

you are meant to lead your generation forward.

And you are meant to inspire the one that is soon to follow,

you are meant to be a True Royalty, not one to wear a crown of metal, but one to help the world converge on Wisdom, in Unity, in Peace.

You are not an employee,

and we are each already born a student.

You are meant to race rain,

and you are not meant to miss a single sunset.

The symphony of Crickets and Frogs is meant to serve as the background,

to the creation of your journals, to which lightning bugs will add their light.

You have to rise against stress and let it slide off of you,

you are infinite and beautiful, and there is no end to how loudly your works can speak.

You are not a worker, not an employee,

you were never meant to live an ordinary life.

You are meant to learn and grow to no end,

onward to becoming a Great Being.