Can Standardized Education Become Effective?
Can Standardized Education Become Effective?

Friday • September 1st 2023 • 11:00:27 pm

Can Standardized Education Become Effective?

Friday • September 1st 2023 • 11:00:27 pm

No. Because there is no such thing, as a standard mind.

On the surface, from a political perspective, a standard bag of knowledge seems like a rational idea.

But in reality knowledge can only be learned, and serving a bag of disconnected facts is not education.

Ideas and realities, are far and separate.

Above all, everything is easily corrupted by liars.

So, a real system of education, but be absolute resistant to all attacks.

And second of all, our minds have a particular way of learning.

Minds can’t jump, they can only navigate.

The driving force cannot be the push of punishment and no-college, it must be the pull of a person’s unique curiosities.

And in their won unique sequence, they can only understand what they are interested in.

And with each new comprehension, they cannot help but to become interested in more things.

Self directed education, is of such high quality, does not even compare to standardized education.

There is no dialogue, to be had here.

Many teachers will say that without the threat of punishment, their students simply won’t learn.

But the truth is, students are not actually learning under threat of punishment, they are temporary memorizing.

At which point the same teachers will say, that is good enough for me – but that is just fraud.

Children may not be forced into a large brick house, that consists of cells called classrooms….

Where they need permission to use the restroom, no learning can occur under these conditions.

Pack such a school full of adults, force them into four yeas of pretending to learn.

Wait two years after graduation, and re-test them.

Those who didn’t go crazy at school, will fail the tests.

There will be a handful of students, who will do really well.

But that is because their self education, and culture at home, was of such high quality…

That standardized education tests are like shooting fish in a barrel, they tower over that mediocrity.

They have a knowledge network, or an ever growing constellation of curiosities, that can help them navigate all the tests, as if they were a stupid game.

They only questions they get wrong, are those that are badly written, by mere standardized education graduates.

It is not just the brick building, but what goes on inside.

Subjects may not be divided, no one thinks that way, they must flow from within each student from one curiosity to another.

The learning occurs when arriving at a curiosity, and while moving to a new one.

A student curious about 3D printing, may learn visual programming, and then programming, in order to create custom 3D gadgets.

Manually modeling 3D things is tedious, so their new curiosity, programming will strongly call to them.

And they may start programming generative jeweler, where each run of a program creates an intricate one of a kind design.

This process cannot be divided into Printing, Designing, Programming, and Jeweler Making.

As there is no flow here, at best this is a broken gear box, full of loose bolts, about to crack to pieces.

The flow of learning is about curiosity, timing and pace of learning, when printing takes too long, or a student discovers a new tangent within programming.

They must adjust course, to follow that is calling to them, to keep in them in a class, they no longer want to be in…

Destroys the flow, and prevents real education from happening.

Schools didn't just betray students, but they actively disrupt their growing up.

They prevent real learning from taking place, and grade down the students who choose to learn on their own.

Help your students to great adventures, where they can make room to listen to narrated books.

Books written by clear thinking great beings, and held in high regard by all the world’s intellectuals.

Help them learn programming from programming tutorials, and show them how to start launching side projects.

And they’ll take it form there, they’ll learn their own lessons and build their own future.