The Wise Mind
The Wise Mind

Friday • September 29th 2023 • 11:21:22 pm

The Wise Mind

Friday • September 29th 2023 • 11:21:22 pm

Do not let the world change you, and know that it will try.

Many minds are tricked, by indoctrination alone.

Protect your mind, and constantly search for wisdom.

All the wisdom, has been safely stored in books.

And the library, is the only thing false leaders fear.

Many books are written, to trick you.

But the good philosopher, will always rise to top.

Wise books, tend to reference each other.

But you will have to search yourself, and learn to push away all lies.

The top sellers, are related columns, may not be as authentic as they seem.

It won’t take you long to figure out, who the real great beings are.

Stress and overwork, will, prevent you, from understanding even the narrated books.

Thus, you will have to make room, in your mind for long new thoughts.

Take to adventure, hiking and camping often.

Take the longer trails, and wilderness over hike-in sites, if you can.

The world is not ready, to fulfill your dreams.

Governments are deadlocked, by liars.

Humanity held hostage, by mutually assured destruction.

Schools practice ineffective education, mostly just to make money.

Students accepted to pretend to learn, and teachers pretend to teach.

And children are forced to inherit, the poverty of their parents.

I am sorry to tell you, we do not live in an era...

Where you can simply have a career, and show the world how brilliant you are.

There are too many pretenders, three are too many desperate lairs.

A real career, is about a lasting legacy.

But what we have today, is about overwork, that robs you of wisdom.

This will just make you old, and all too tired to leave a precious legacy.

With narrated books playing in your ears, as you hike through the world’s great trails.

You will be challenged, to grow all they way up…

And become a great being, putting your hard won wisdom, into books.

So that the trail that only you once walked, will be walked by countless many.

This is the old kind of legacy, the Philosopher's legacy.

It is noble, and dignified, precious, and always beautiful.

When you pull in all the wisdom, from all the countless books you read…

And present it in a more modern way, that calls to others.

You will bring the world closer, to the dreams that you once had.

Humanity needs your help, it needs your clarity, your wisdom.

It needs you to expand your mind, with great adventure and narrated books.

The world needs your help, it needs your stubbornness.

And the future needs you, it needs to see you at your most powerful.

So that they too can rise, so that Humanity can continue growing up.