Authentic Education And The Resulting Culture Of Greatness
Authentic Education And The Resulting Culture Of Greatness

Saturday • September 16th 2023 • 11:14:36 pm

Authentic Education And The Resulting Culture Of Greatness

Saturday • September 16th 2023 • 11:14:36 pm

Real and effective education is just the beginning, a start, the world culture that follows is far more.

Today, your politicians can’t understand you, they are of a different culture.

A lucky politician, who simply could afford to sit on the election carousel for long enough to get picked.

Is uneducated, unqualified, unprepared, unable, and uncultured, destined to become uncaring and unstable.

They do not know how to do anything, they don’t even know who or what, you - or the voters - are.

There is no common aim to agree on, there is only whatever caused the least amount of static.

This is what lack of authentic education, and lack of culture of knowledge, wisdom and resulting greatness leads to.

Not just lack of understanding, but the impossibility of it.

All we have, is the theory that real knowledge, helps the student to inherit and synthesize wisdom.

And as a result they can rise to the challenges, of becoming a great being.

An independent intellectual, an authentic adult with insight and understanding.

This means they will have the incredible ability, to make things happen, as needed.

Whereas today politicians are desperately hanging on, to prevent change and maximize profit.

The great beings of what are today, the younger generations.

Will push through all the divisions, grids, blocks, nets, and mesh-work, just like water – they will just do what needs to be done.

No longer will a child inherit the poverty of their parents, all beginning will become fair, and equal.

There will never be a threat of hunger, or homelessness, jut the inalienable right to a safe and happy home.

There will be no labels, each human will be recognized as an independent great being.

A power that can cause great change, should there ever be a call for daring greatly.

Real, effective, functional, enabling, active education, is the first step towards a future that is worthy of Humanity.

Without it, uneducated and desperate people, will be mislabeled as broken.

It is true that schools cannot be fixed today, but the delivery of culture of greatness can be made with narrated books.

Books written by secular, clear thinking beings, held in high esteem by all the world’s intellectuals.

Whatever schools are today, books so as long as seen as life changing by the wise intellectuals, and so as long as they come in thousands, work just fine.

Perhaps narrated books, work better than schools ever will - let them be your beginning.

Seek out the thousands of books written by great beings, and see... what they have to teach.