The Point Where All Human Beings and Cultures Converge; Or, To Understand Humanity
The Point Where All Human Beings and Cultures Converge; Or, To Understand Humanity

Wednesday • February 14th 2024 • 12:12:43 am

The Point Where All Human Beings and Cultures Converge; Or, To Understand Humanity

Wednesday • February 14th 2024 • 12:12:43 am

Understanding Humanity is one of the fundamentals, to meeting the world, to going out there.

I have an understanding, a way to explain types of minds.

But, I think, my understanding is a simple model, one of many.

And that we each approach the world, differently.

We want to explain, different things first.

My model is founded upon indoctrination, including self indoctrination.

Where people want to be part of something, and they reach out for it.

It explains bullying, religion, hate, war, rulers, false leaders, and liars.

My view also comes with a repair kit, to help the victims.

I ask them to walk the great trails, doing what you should do, instead of pondering my model.

And that is learning about Philosophers, their works, what they influenced.

Where they fit in the insipid categories, of academic philosophy.

There is that popular notion, that people are not ready to be unplugged.

But that is just fiction, life is hard on all of us.

And you can only pray for so long, before you unplug yourself.

This is even more apparent today, where life extension technologies may be close.

With he big fear gone, people will unplug themselves.

There is another notion here, that says Knowledge and Wisdom is White.

But that is also a lie, because people don't have a color, they never did.

We are all one family, we are all strong, and so much stronger together.

To see Sir Newton at Westminster Abbey, is one of the great steps forward, no matter where we come from.

Be it a soldier purposefully indoctrinated to hold a line, or a false leader taught to fake it until they make it.

Despite the inscription, it symbolizes rejecting gods, and looking into the clockwork of the universe.

It means that we are the creators, and that there is a world of things that wants us to follow means nothing.

It is not different than walking down a shopping avenue, you are a Citizen of The World, You Are Meant To Become A Great Being, go forward.

And it is just as important to visit Stromatolites, over at Coral Coast down in Western Australia.

Where we can examine our beginning, and ponder Chaos and Emergence.

How all it took was the fundamental principles of the universe, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and a lot of accidents.

Knowledge is a direction, not just a power, but a force that should call to out compass.

It not only helps people out of indoctrination, or, helps them with the first few steps after self unindoctrination.

But sets an aim, at a very precise point, a point where all Human Beings and Cultures Converge in Peace, and Actual Understanding.

Where world leaders, are so knowledgeable and competent, that they don't just prevent war before it starts.

But they simply do not allow the use of indoctriantion, to warp minds away from Reality, Peace, and The Human Advancement.

I hope you never do, but there is a video of a foreign airplane, downed by a nation at war, by people who are forced to fight.

By people who don't know what a scope is, and will turn it up all the way to the biggest number thinking that it makes the gun shoot harder.

These sad creatures raised for war, interrupted the lives of happy families who were out on adventures to enlighten themselves.

This is what indoctrination is, it is a dark age artificially pulled over a person mind.

This is what the leaders of the future will see, as they themselves exit whatever they were put into, or clouded by.

Finally, this is why the Great muli-month hiking trails, where the hiker can listen to philosophers and hear them, comprehend them, is so important.

The trails are a way out of the indoctrination, out of poverty of mind, left there on purpose by incompetent leaders.

I think we will witness nothing more than another cold war, but there is a chance of a mandatory draft to fight in Europe.

A war that makes no sense, that didn't even make sense in the previous century.

There is a way to stop all of it, and that way is the study of human kind by simply listening to wise beings.

Younger generations equipped with the power of wisdom and greatness, would date each others sisters, and make computer games.

The leaders would be laughed out of office, and we would look after each other to prevent indoctrination and deliver knowledge and wisdom.

Above everything else, political, social, psychological, we are each tasked with growing all the way up and becoming great beings.

There is no such thing as growing up part way, or not at all, all it takes is narrated books you can hear, as you take to years long adventure.

Nothing is to sand in your way towards growing all the way up, not poverty, not fear, not worry, neither bear nor beast.

The moment something stops you from growing up, that something is called indoctrination, an invisible wall, that you must walk right through.

We are one Family, one Humanity, one Earth, we are not to tolerate being made ill by indoctrination.

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