Friday • January 15th 2021 • 10:48:49 pm


Friday • January 15th 2021 • 10:48:49 pm

You know how every once in a while you hear a beautiful piano song,

and when it is over something is missing, something feels too quiet.

It means that the piano,

or whatever it is that is moving you, is calling to you.

That something in your heart, soul,

and even health, needs it.

I don't know what it is that call to us,

but I know it is from an Aquamarine Ocean somehow.

And that it is timeless,

and that it is part of us.

The same way that the yellow of the Dandelion would call to us,

had we ever been sentenced to a gray world.

To be too busy, _even if saving the world_,

to answer that Aquamarine call, is to make the Universe weep.

Did you know,

that most of the piano keys don't go together very well.

That you start with a key you like,

and then you search for the best move, like in a game of chess?

Do you know why a blank canvas,

can sell for a fortune?

Because it is not what we achieve in the end,

the end, is an end.

It is what we achieve on our way there,

it is not what we master come our golden age, but what we can create along the way.

Nobody wants a perfect piano song,

they wouldn't understand it, because there is no understanding it.

What people understand and appreciate the most,

is the perfectly flawed progress forward.

Not towards machine like perfection,

but towards living in harmony with what is Perfectly Human.

Try, fail, learn, and try again,

onward to knowledge, wisdom and greatness.

As beautiful as the other Great Apes are,

in the chaos of the universe we have been singled out for Knowledge, Wisdom, and Greatness.

There is so much you have to do in life,

and life is so delicate and precious.

Before you start contemplating graduations, and diplomas, and doctorates, and careers,

slow down, slow all the way down.

Come back down to Earth,

to the ocean, and the mountains, and the forests, and the lakes.

Come to live in the now,

strive to become an athlete or a dancer so that you never ache,

And take care of your mind,

so that you have all the answers ahead of time, and not when it is too late.

This here, is your time to live, to bloom,

and the world before you is _yours_ to experience in full.

May the libraries serve you as an endless source of beautiful Audio Books,

and may your Backpacking Gear and Hammock always be ready.

Find your favorite Aquamarine to start with,

and weave your song, help the world understand.