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The Paddler

Monday • June 7th 2021 • 12:01:51 am

The Paddler

Monday • June 7th 2021 • 12:01:51 am

Saut Du Doubs

The Ugandan Star of Whitewater Kayaking

Sickline 2017

We are MORYAK - A sea kayak Documentary

A Kayakers Solo Adventure In India | with Nouria Newman

Kayaking Patagonia's 3 Toughest Rivers For The First Time EVER | with Nouria Newman

Crossing Europe in kayak in 38 days (2700km - 8 countries)

SUP Danube | A River Journey | Germany - Serbia


A Sea Kayak Expedition around the Scottish Islands of Raasay & Rona

An Expedition on the Argyll Sea Kayak Trail (Scotland)

Sea Kayak Around Ireland

Sea kayaking around Inishowen (Ireland)

Greenland Bound, A Paddler's Pilgrimage

Across the Adriatic

Africa by Kayak, 2000km around the southern tip of Africa

RIVERING, An ode to the whitewater obsession -- Full Movie

Creekbound and Down

The River God I - Extreme kayaking expeditions

KAYAKING EXPEDITION The River God 2 The Journey Continues

The Route of the 1000 Islands - sea kayaking adventure in Croatia

Alligator Charging Kayak 7 12 20

Great White Shark knocks kayaker into the Ocean. Crazy Footage!!!

Real Grizzly Bear Charge Handled Live

DiResta Canoe Build

Brook Trout Fishing In The Heart Of Labrador

The Canoe | Canadian Canoe Culture

Grand Canyon of the Stikine River (West Canada)

NORTH to SOUTH - The French River Documentary 4k. The Canoe Trip and the History of the French River (Ontario)

Ontario's Forgotten River - Documentary | Is It Still Worth Paddling the White River?

Crossing Nova Scotia by Canoe

Wild Coast, 10 Days Canoeing Lake Superior | Pukaskwa to Michipicoten

LITTLE NORTH, Ep. I The Lakes | 450km Canoe Expedition

LITTLE NORTH, Ep. II The Headwaters | 450km Canoe Expedition

35-Day Expedition Across Labrador (Canadian province of Newfoundland)

Across Labrador Wild by Canoe (1 of 6)

Across Labrador Wild by Canoe (2 of 6)

Across Labrador Wild by Canoe (3 of 6)

Across Labrador Wild by Canoe (4 of 6)

Across Labrador Wild by Canoe (5 of 6)

Across Labrador Wild by Canoe (6 of 6)

Across Labrador Q & A.

Martin's Boat - A Film By Pete McBride

8 Days on the Grand Canyon - Motorized Rafting Trip, Beautiful Scenery, Canyon Hikes, Tips

Rafting Through Time - Grand Canyon

Kayaking 120 Miles In the Amazon Jungle

Tongtian (Upper Yangtze) River canoe camping

Mississippi By Canoe

Where the River Goes, The Missouri

Jeff Medley's Missouri River from Beginning to End

Missouri Breaks

Upper Missouri River Canoe Trip

Yenisey's Siberia 2019

Beautiful Siberia - Yenisei River 4k

Upper reaches of the Yenisei River.

Putorani or a trip along the Yenisei river to basalt sombrero.

По Подкаменной Тунгуске (2010) (Along the Podkamennaya Tunguska)

14 Days Solo Camping in the Yukon Wilderness - The Full Documentary

Yukon river in Alaska. 3 week solo camping trip

Canoeing the Big Salmon, A Yukon Adventure Part 1

Paddling the Yukon River | Adventure, old cabins and history!

Lower Canyons of the Rio Grande, A 9 Day Canoe Trip

Exploring Ontario's Largest River | Kayaking The St. Lawrence River Islands

Arkansas Cabin | Canoeing the Ouachita River

Canoeing the Buffalo River, Arkansas (Ponca to Kyle's Landing)

Colorado River Trip

Atchafalaya Swamp Revisited

Through the Atchafalaya with Andy Bugh

Kayaking in the Atchafalaya Basin

Sneaky Freaky Creeky, A Scottish Kayaking Film


Demshitz The Movie part1

Demshitz The Movie part 2

That's Not a Catfish!

Kayak fisherman fights off aggresive hammerhead shark!!!

Hippo Attack Tanzania

That Is NOT a Catfish on the End of the Line


First British Expedition through the Grand Canyon by Canoe

Kayaks Down The Nile