To Get To Know The World
To Get To Know The World

Monday • July 3rd 2023 • 11:32:37 pm

To Get To Know The World

Monday • July 3rd 2023 • 11:32:37 pm

It seems that Advertising, often hopes to borrow from religious indoctrination.

One anti-piracy campaign once concluded with, “You wouldn't download a car.”

Like strange cult teachings, completely ignoring, logic, or the difference between taking the original, or just making a copy.

If this campaign kept it up for centuries, maybe people would start believing that copying is a dirty, dirty sin,

On the internet, occasionally, one comes across, a creature, that actually spreads false beliefs.

Most recently a young lad stated that, “He is so sick of people complaining that they have to watch ads. ”

Now, it might have been just a contrarian, but it is easy to imagine that people like that exist for real.

When a large corporation ends offering some free web space, or service, they cut off what makes them useful.

That is not a call, to start giving them money, but just to find somebody else, and keep on moving.

Furthermore, a popular magazine that runs a person of the year, once featured a website.

And shortly thereafter, there was a movie, presumably a comedy, about the corporation behind the website.

These are not realities, these are marketing strategies.

That famous magazine, lost all credibility, it sold it self out.

And so did the schools that taught the wrong programming language, that was later going to charge money for licenses.

Or accepted free computers, failing to care that it was advertising, the company was giving away free computers, to force the students to become customers.

Because it was a simplified operating system, generations of students were taught word processing, and not programming.

Word processing betrays a student into becoming a customer, programming, sets them free from poverty.

And these are just mild examples, game-like military service commercials, aimed at teenagers in desperate circumstances, is where things get really dark.

We may expect to see more such things, but in every case, they won’t be setting reality, but only hoping to warp it.

It is an old trick, it works on the overwhelmed, overworked, and especially young people, who are still piecing together reality.

Well, I think for now, we can set standardized education aside, it has been hijacked by desperate people in hopes of easy paychecks.

A real teacher is a philosopher, a protector, perhaps a leader, and we won’t see those kinds of people in school.

Or in politics, where education upgrades would need to happen.

Reality warping, is the domain of lairs, and it is infinitely complex, it is a playing field, where they first, tipped the scales to always win.

And second, became perfect pretenders, by never asking themselves if they are the men who sold the world.

Rather than wasting time on undoing tricks, we have to take to self education.

Libraries everywhere have large collection of narrated books, and by listening to enough of the top sellers…

Young people will be able to get a better read on who is lying, or manipulating, and which of those books, are in fact written by real great beings.

Or they can just skip the detective work, and start with the books loved by all the world's clear thinking intellectuals.

Self education is just narrated books, and long hiking trips that hep us in our busy lives, to make room for wisdom.

For integrated knowledge, rather than subjects divided into what all too soon after graduation, becomes nothing at all.