A Very Brief Introduction To User Interface Design
A Very Brief Introduction To User Interface Design

Friday • October 14th 2022 • 10:57:11 pm

A Very Brief Introduction To User Interface Design

Friday • October 14th 2022 • 10:57:11 pm

The correct technologies to choose, are the popular open source ones, the ones that are receiving the most development and attention.

Please look to the web for exciting popular, open source technologies, and, brilliant code generators, frameworks, and libraries.

When you compare the HTML, JavaScript and CSS ecosystems to smartphones, you will see that the browser is the only thing that is any good on a smartphone.

For those arguing this point, the massive amount of advertising, embedded in closed libraries that are headed your way…

Will soon change your, and your customer’s minds.

At the moment the best open HTML Framework is Bootstrap, in part because it does not abstract the HTML and CSS from you.

It exposes you to it, helping you learn the best ideas, in both the world of HTML markup and the CSS decoration approach.

In short Bootstrap makes it easy to create Web Layouts, Drop Down Menus, even text styles.

Its JavaScript is currently pretty much optional, and their documentation makes it so that it is easily replaced with Svelte.

Svelte is the best, but still primitive, technology, that automatically updates a menu, whenever your programming data changes.

What is special about it, is that it helps you extend HTML with your won code, for example, you can make a new video player, or drop down menu.

And Svelte does not need to be shipped along with it, because svelte, is a code generator, and not a library that you have to bundle with your HTML.

Where HTML, CSS, and JavaScript lead the way, and are the open technologies that are worth learning.

Right above them, clever programmers created Bootstrap and Svelte, you still use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but a lot is done for you.

There is one more component that us required for serious user interface design, and that is the little brilliant database called PouchDB.

Entirely programmed in JavaScript, it is full of brilliant ideas, and has a bigger battle tested open source sister called CouchDB.

PouchDB, works with your data in the browser, and then communicates with CouchDB which efficiently transports the data.

PouchDB allows you to make applications that can scale by means of CouchDB, to very large numbers of users.

PouchDB fits nicely beneath Svelte, it pushes the still primitive Svelte technologies forward.

Therefore, a good technology stack that will both be around for a long while, and teach you brilliant techniques that will stay with you for many decades…

Use Svelte to help you synchronize the user interface with the data in your program, and Bootstrap that will give you well thought out pre-made HTML based user Interface components.

And PouchDB, that in conjunction with CouchDB will help you grow and scale, without too much worry.

Finally, a clever User Interface programming challenge, use Svelte and Bootstrap to re-create the CouchDB’s Futon User Interface, for PouchDB.

This will help you set a nice aim, and help you grow familiar, with just those three technologies Bootstrap, Svelte and PouchDB.