The New Designer; Or, Artificial Intelligence And The New Era Of Graphic Design
The New Designer; Or, Artificial Intelligence And The New Era Of Graphic Design

Sunday • December 3rd 2023 • 10:44:22 pm

The New Designer; Or, Artificial Intelligence And The New Era Of Graphic Design

Sunday • December 3rd 2023 • 10:44:22 pm

Don't just become original, become overpowered for all the wonders ahead.

Abraham Stinkin' Linkin

Before we begin, there are liars and hater here, people who don’t want you to enter the world of design.

They will make you take extra steps, to waste your time, the way art teachers waste painters time by expecting hand eye coordination.

Hand eye coordination in portrait painting comes from decades of practice, to try to teach it first, is hateful, destructive, and insulting.

The world of design, is the same way, people will come to waste your time, by forcing you to do things out of sequence – ignore them.

A lot is about to change, you will soon enough, hear people, argue against life extension developed by Artificial Intelligence.

They will want others to walk towards a certain end, for control, for ego, for attention, for clout and recognition.

The first traces of artificial intelligence have arrived, they are here, and they are functioning as expected.

Begin using Artificial Intelligence, do not allow anybody to keep you down.

Design is three things, class that comes with decades of practice, vision that the AI can help you with and control, that the AI will do for you.

Control is about color, and color could not be more difficult, there is no such thing as red.

What we see as color red, is always different, transformed by when, where, its environment.

Colors above, below, around, the hues, the saturations, the darkness and the lightness.

And our eyes, and mood, and expectations, and out trust in the artist, or the machine.

And just when you have it all figured out, a cloud in the sky, will change all the tones.

A ray tracing algorithm hoping to approximate everything, will always be second to the AI, who has see it all and memorized the harmonies.

Computer games, do not need better graphics, they need better hardware to have AI transform them into the real world colors.

AI knows color for you, it grants you the ability to instantly poses, original designs.

That is right, as original as the designers claim their work to be, AI learned better, but in the same way designers did.


By looking at other people’s work, the randomized remixed output, is as original as it gets.

That people have a problem with this, is precisely just that, their problem, their own problem.

After a few decades of generating correct colors and original designs, you will become a better and more original manual designer, than anybody else is today.

Like that painter, that needs decades of painting with a projector, to develop coordination, as not to need it.

You will have developed skills not to need AI, it will be great for your personal projects, but business will always demand results.

Get your head wrapped around artificial intelligence, and begin using image generators for User Interfaces and Magazine Layouts.

Build your portfolio, master your programs, keep them open source, I recommend Krita, and the Linux command line, ImageMagick, ffmpeg.

Don’t let anybody discourage you, in 20 years all designers will be using AI, how foolish will you feel, to have not become a designer…

Because of cranky negative comments on the internet, embrace the AI, it won’t be long, before you gain the ability to design without it.

AI will become many things, the end to war, to lies in politics, to sickness, but above all, it will always be a great trainer and teacher.

This is how the big future happens, one moment, you are in the past, and the next barely able to wrap your head around what. just. happened.

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