A Safer World
A Safer World

Friday • June 23rd 2023 • 11:23:02 pm

A Safer World

Friday • June 23rd 2023 • 11:23:02 pm

Our world must make total sense, and our actions must be wise and complete.

Due to a renewed threat of a Nuclear War, it is now OK to define today's politics, as a severe mental illness.

If you think that is funny, call it a strange thought experiment.

We’ve had decades to prevent a nuclear war, with love above all, and ultimately with wisdom.

Deep down we all know, that past the phase of prevention, nothing will make sense.

Every new century, it is the same old story, mad men, and their mad confusion.

Your generation, must put an end to this cycle.

And the only way, to achieve that.

Is for every human being on earth, to understand that growing all the way up is the first great reward.

To grow all the way up means to become a great being, and in some part guard the world, from the confused and small minded.

Greatness is not for the few – it never was - it is for all, and for all of our future, and all the generations yet to come.

Please, stop tolerating fake education.

Begin your search for narrated books, held in high esteem by clear thinking intellectuals.

Let the books help you understand, that people who can’t afford food, or a roof…

Are too scared, too confused, to learn, to read, to grow.

Understand, that the first step demands an income card, that you have already been tricked into thinking, is a bad idea.

Wall St. has its incredible flights of fancy, and every human being on planet earth gets one too,

Instant membership to a World Bank, that invests in all the future of human kind.

Everyone gets a debit card, that resets at midnight, to just about a hundred dollars constantly adjusted for inflation.

Make the logo a red heart, it will be a good reminder that it is about helping the world.

The bank does have many computer programs, working hard on fraud prevention.

And won’t let store owners, artificially raise prices.

The transactions will only go through, where prices are fair, and average.

Even though it maxes out, at about 3.6 million dollars, this card does not keep track if debt, the bank has no debt.

(The sum of 3.6 million dollars, translates to a hundred dollars a day, for a hundred years)

The money comes from a safer word, a brighter future, and it is a sure bet.

As your generation rises, you have to understand this, as the first step towards a better world.

When people feel safe, they naturally reach out for books and adventure.

All the world needs, is to stop being frightened.

And enter an intellectual revolution, where everyone begins growing all the way up.

And know that none of the leaders of today, will stand in your way, they are just too old.

As it is with all younger generations, the future is yours to create.

Make it wise, make it safe.