How To Read Books, Reading Comprehension, And What If You Don’t
How To Read Books, Reading Comprehension, And What If You Don’t

Wednesday • July 5th 2023 • 11:23:45 pm

How To Read Books, Reading Comprehension, And What If You Don’t

Wednesday • July 5th 2023 • 11:23:45 pm

The way to read books, is to go on adventures.

And then relax, until they call to you.

If you go alone, then your adventure must be safe.

Park rangers must be near, a friendly soul must know where you are.

It is best to go as a group, and even expect a couple to go home early.

Sometimes this is not possible, and that is one of the tragedies of life.

Know this, the trails are safer, than being under constant attack at home.

Lies, threats, fear, stress, are all forms of mind-shattering control.

If those around you, don’t care about friendship.

And choose to control you, instead.

Then you must find a way, to make your adventures safe, and go.

Living in control of other people, is an old trick, and it will make you ill.

Expect, premature aging, overeating, sad ideas, loneliness and un-education.

You are a miracle of the universe, you are royalty.

You are a thinking creature, an impossible thing.

Emerged out of, infinities of chaos.

Out of fundamentals, of physics and chemistry.

Make no mistake, when you are sad…

The whole universe, becomes a dimmer place.

And you are not alone, down here either.

Brilliant minds, are aware of people like you.

And when you are sad, they get sad too.

People who wan you to be well, need you to remember...

That you are charged, with becoming a great being.

Through knowledge, though lifetimes of wisdom…

That you inherit, by listening to narrated books.

In the world of Narrated Books, it is not possible to ever get lonely.

Learning from narrated books, is as natural for us as walking.

Humanity grew up by the fire, storytelling is what we do.

It is very common to feel, that books are not for you.

That you can’t listen, that your mind would wander.

That means you are unwell, it means you adopted stress.

You let it become part of you, and that is very bad.

Stress and Poverty, are common forms of control.

They are poisonous, persistent, infections, and cloud judgment.

You must become brave, and push everything away.

And courageously, take to long adventures.

That will clear your mind, and make the books finally call to you.

It is an instinct, it is just waiting, for safety, peace of mind, and time.

Please be aware that the first three days, maybe a week or two, are you enemy.

All the doubt, that has been driven into you.

Will manifest all at one, it will try to fence you in.

And make you go back, another tragedy.

Many people, go back, the fear and disbelief becomes too much.

But that is not a fence, we do not have a natural predisposition for that.

That is just your mind recovering, pealing back the layers of abuse.

When religions create a book, to replace all other books.

It means that all those other books, are more powerful than religions.

When dictators want to burn books, it means it is the one thing they fear.

When attacking armies hope for nothing more, then to burn the great libraries.

It means that if you don’t read or listen, the bad people, the monsters, triumph.

Finally, when the desire to write one, jumps out at you.

It means there is a greatness in you, that is ready to be awakened.

That greatness begs for one thing, and it is that you don’t start at zero.

As those trails, were already walked.

All these warriors and great beings, wrote countless books for you.

To spare you the aches, they had to go through.

Accept your intellectual inheritance, listen to all the narrated books at the library.

And begin, on the shoulders of giants, where the great beings left off.