The Stopwatch And The Impossible Reward
The Stopwatch And The Impossible Reward

Wednesday • November 1st 2023 • 11:08:15 pm

The Stopwatch And The Impossible Reward

Wednesday • November 1st 2023 • 11:08:15 pm

Working out, is not supposed to hurt.

While you are gradually building up endurance, there will be discomfort.

And once you reach the desired level of endurance, working out feels like any other activity.

It feels like walking, or taking care of some gardening chores.

There is not supposed to be any pain, one you gained the endurance.

And only mild discomfort, while you are gaining endurance.

The discomfort can't actually be distracting, as it would interfere with your trance.

Showing up at the gym for the first time, or after some rest...

Will mean that you wont be able to exercise for long, and that you will need to earn your endurance back.

For people who are not fit at all, that may mean less than a minute of exercise.

That can be repeated a few times, during the gym stay.

This only looks like an exercise, and it is copied by others...

Who think it is exercise, but that is just building up endurance.

So that one can work out for long enough, to actually ask the body to adapt.

This is why doing less than a minute of lifting, waiting a long while and doing some more lifting.

Has little to no effect, this is just the initial routine to increase endurance.

It is not even an exercise, and it does not gradually increase endurance.

It may cause muscle growth at first, but quickly plateau-out.

The trainers we know from high school, timed duration of exercise, for themselves.

To make themselves look busy, to whip a class curriculum out of their butts.

Everyone has a different pace, and must be measured individually.

Real trainers, may measure, how quickly someone runs a race.

But that stop watch, is meant for our superpower of endurance.

So a trainer, would measure, how long you can lift your weights for.

If you are just starting out, it would be very little, sure.

But that figure, is not a judgment of you, the trainer will increase that time gently.

And have you workout out few more seconds, and then minutes, and tens of minutes.

Eventually just slapping an extra hour or two, by which time, you will look like an athlete.

Your motivation won't be some shallow, I want to lose weight.

But something serious like, am I good enough to place the last place in an marathon.

By that time, you will be looking better than a superstar, and you'll be bred of seeing that each morning.

There are people who say, oh this is all wrong, you got to lift heavy.

All I know here, is that heavy, means injury.

It means, not being able to work out daily.

Or being forced to isolate muscles on a machine, as some part of you is healing.

Isolating muscles is bad, you are not a collection of various muscles.

You are a bio-mechanical, symphony orchestra.

You must avoid injury, and perform exercises that involve your entire body.

Fitness is about survival, living past a hundred.

For some that may mean, doubling their lifespan.

Just imagine living the part of your life, that you know you created for yourself.

That you know, is well past the expiration date, of the unfit you.

That miracle being, will think to their past.

Where they just trained biceps, chest, and abs, and think of their younger self as somewhat shallow.

Because a full body exercise gives a similar look, but also life, decades, and decades, of life.

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