What Is Junk Education?
What Is Junk Education?

Saturday • June 17th 2023 • 11:23:52 pm

What Is Junk Education?

Saturday • June 17th 2023 • 11:23:52 pm

It is like Junk Science, where results are not reproducible, and count for nothing.

It is like learning chemistry, but not really knowing chemistry, or learning math or biology and not knowing that either.

It is like trusting a leader, that does not speak, that only reads what has been written for them to be read.

It is like being adopted, but then told you are not special like the others.

It is like being tricked into fighting in miniature war, where the losing move is becoming a bully like the rest.

It is like being tricked that tooth fairy, gods, UFOs, alien visitors, and horoscopes are real, and then believing that vaccines cause autism.

It is like drug induced delusions of new inventions, where people only get the impression of creativity.

It is like religious beliefs, where a person can only travel higher, temporary in their own imagination.

It is like taking out a high interest unforgivable loan, without understanding what it means.

It is like being convinced that poverty is your own and your family’s fault, and Universal Basic Income, would lead the world into… poverty.

It is like believing that leaders are elected, and not put on an expensive carousel where they just eventually get picked.

It is like building a life, while having nuclear missiles, pre-programmed and ready to explode above your city.

It is like tolerating pollution, non biodegradable trash, forever chemicals, after having been tricked into thinking that stuff like this happens sometimes.

It is like seeing air headed celebrities who never knew hunger or homelessness, as model citizens that we should all strive to become.

It is like reading texts written by men who just discovered the wheelbarrow, and calling them a sacred and infallible word of an imaginary giant.

It is like being a piece of meat, on their way to be turned into a shiny hotdog.

It is like walking into a great coliseum, where all the philosophers only have an impression of education.

It is like being told you are being taken to a higher land, and then being put, to wage slavery, under the threat of starvation.

It is like getting to witness all the men who sold the world, for little more than a paycheck and some misplaced praise.

It is like being given a toolbox of heavy tools but made infant-friendly, so that you have an easy time pretending to invent, and create and build.

It is like being born to a cult,and while knowing something is wrong, thinking to yourself, “Well, everyone else is doing it, who am I to argue?”

It is like being forced to smile under the threat of ridicule, or the threat being held back, a whole year for the rest of your life.

It is like watching the people you trusted, rob themselves of the mountains of respect you granted them.

It is like play-along just to get through the thing, junk or not, for a fraudulent diploma, and still thinking that are not denied your future.

It is like learning that a liar can easily out-compete an honest person, and watching whatever heroic teachers remains, being called eccentric.

It is like being assigned an arbitrary number, and told that this is your value to the world, this is your intelligence.

Finally, it is your first step towards pulling yourself out of invisible persons, here you receive the training necessary to hold virtues in high regard.

To value Restraint, Dignity, Nobility, Unbreakability, Fortitude, Courage, Honor, Love; and Insight; and Foresight; and Understanding; and Authenticity; and Heroism;

It is the ground level, where you begin your self education, and start by listening to thousands of books written by great beings.

Great beings who like you had their start in betrayal, at the ground level, but who rejected being caged as an uneducated victim of greed.

Who did not lend themselves to support economies that grant the false leaders, the financial stability their undeserved inheritance requires.

Beings who rose and who understood that to grow up, is to grow all the way up, until they become great, independent, unbreakable, and unforgettable beings.

Make no mistake, there is large inheritance of wisdom and knowledge, in the shape of narrated books that all belong to you, free of charge.

The inheritance of wisdom is so powerful, that you are better off listening, while walking the Appalachian, Pacific Crest, or the Continental Divide Trails.

That is how large your vision will grow, and that is the space you need to fathom more.

And remember, every human being is charged with growing all the way up, until they stand in dignity and greatness.

The rise, the growing up, the call to Greatness, must not be denied, nor put off for later.

If you allow the world to stand uneducated, it will continue repeating the same mistakes with all lessons lost.

Begin your self education immediately, start with the narrated books at the library.

Do not let the men who sold the world for an easy paycheck,’ to pass you through the grades, like a hot-dog.

You deserve real knowledge that adds up to strengthen your existing talents, that help you create real things that you always return to and work on again.

This cycle of your accretion disk of knowledge, will eventually coalesce into wisdom.

And before you know it, wisdom will ignite, into a precious and unique greatness.

May your great adventures and precious legacy, make this world, a perpetually brighter, and more beautiful place.