The World And Peace
The World And Peace

Wednesday • December 21st 2022 • 7:12:29 pm

The World And Peace

Wednesday • December 21st 2022 • 7:12:29 pm

“But we were born of risen apes, not fallen angels, and the apes were armed killers besides.

And so what shall we wonder at? Our murders and massacres and missiles, and our irreconcilable regiments?

Or our treaties whatever they may be worth; our symphonies however seldom they may be played; our peaceful acres, however frequently they may be converted into battlefields; our dreams however rarely they may be accomplished.

The miracle of man is not how far he has sunk but how magnificently he has risen.

We are known among the stars by our poems, not our corpses.”

-- Robert Ardrey


What yo are about to hear, is a complete fabrication, pure conjecture, it stands here, to prevent you from being scared of the large politics of the world.

It stands here, asking you to become a Great Being.

By means of self education, authenticity and dignity, inheritance of wisdom from countless well narrated books describing meaningful lives.

By filling your mind with such genius, that it will be you, who in greatness, does create a work that will explain the world correctly.

Part One: Criminal Minds

One of the most frightening things are criminals, who are they, and how can they be so different from us?

They are children, who have been betrayed by adults, perfectly capable human beings, but raised with a vocabulary of violence.

The way to understand this, is to look at the behavior of un-contacted tribes, insight into the criminal mind, will be one of their lasting gifts to us.

Approaching a warrior of an un-contacted tribe, is likely to result in bodily injury, or worse.

Their vocabulary, is not a vocabulary of violence, it is far better than that, a warrior is a powerful, wise and noble creature.

And yet, by out definition, their behavior is criminal, and the best thing we can do, is not to interact.

Now, poverty, hunger, homelessness, beatings, shame, drugs, alcohol, hate, prison, all adds up to create a boy who is like a warrior of an un-contacted tribe.

But here, he has been betrayed by the modern world, and if his vocabulary wasn’t a vocabulary of violence, he would have long died in the streets.

Both the warrior of an uncontaminated tribe, and the boy that we have betrayed and abandoned to the streets are deadly.

While the un-contacted tribe, short of some scouts, has made a decision, not to approach.

In order for the boy of the streets to survive another week, he will have to approach, to empty a register, to take a purse with an new iphone.

One of his first positions, will be a firearm, and he will kill, if anyone tries to stop him.

There are ways to help him, to prevent him from making enormous mistakes, but, it will take a life time.

And in the end, this now a man, not just a warrior, will say, in his greatness, as much as I appreciate your help…

I wish, that instead of spending time with me, you took the horror of my life, and made the suffering count.

I wish you invested your effort, into preventing other children, from being betrayed, the way I was betrayed.

Part Two: The Politician

We feel like politics has betrayed us, a politician will vote for their own raise, but will prevent the lifting of the minimum wage, to something reasonable.

A politician may celebrate, not helping veterans, and encourage enticing teenagers to go to war.

What is this? What is going on.

Though they go through an election process, that politicians are elected is largely a fantasy, they are passed along, in little know elections, and their wealth certainly does not slow them down.

A politician does not represent a quest for goodness, or a step towards what we want the world to become.

A politician, is more of a man that like a sophisticated life style, his sport is golf, his suits are expensive, and he likes to buy luxury items.

His family has likely been involved in politics, and he has been on the ballot for over a decade.

Until he wins, makes new friends, joins new circles, mingles, smokes cigars, and probably check out the interns.

His understanding of veterans, will be people that shoot machine guns, and often miss an arm or a leg.

His understanding of your minimum wage, is not to fcuk with it, or he will not be able to advance up the ladder.

He like cigars, and if he can get away with something, or get impeached for laying to congress.

It will fcuking make his year, and he will order a big box of cigars, that will cost more than all the money you spent on college for your kids.

Part Three: The Men Who Sold The World

The teachers, did not in fact conspire to create Deadly Criminals and Stupid Politicians, They are the kids that students wan to be like, that went into education.

There is an incredible beauty to a teacher, right up until they realize, they have no clue what to do, and they still fcuking do it to get the paycheck.

You see, the way to prevent the boy from part one, from becoming a deadly and murderous criminal.

Is helping him to a school that works, you don’t know what a shool that works is, nobody does.

Because up until now, all the schools in the world, were just an experiment, and it failed.

It failed with benefits, it created a workforce, a machine for mowing minds, a machine for posing the future of this world with propaganda.

Like so many other inventions, the fake opportunistic politicians, allowed the more cunning politicians to get more.

It can be more weapons manufacturing, it can be more interns, it can be more golf games with the prime minister or president.

More, more more, more.

The four letter word, is more.

Schools are a framework that turns a student into a resource, High-school indoctrinates into college, college takes family savings.

And beyond college, those who do take time to study, will approach a million dollars in debt.

No singe teacher, sold you out, no single politician could ever be held responsible.

You don’t know math, because you weren't taught math.

All that time, you were being coerced into memorization, to pass the fcuking tests, so that everyone could get paid.

It is not yet know if organized education can be trusted, but we are beginning to see that standardized education is the greatest betrayal that humanity will even know.

Part Four; War

War, is a political card, it is a privileged of wealthy mad men.

War happens, because it can happen.

Because it is a card hat can be played, by sick, detached, blind, and uneducated ghouls.

It is a card that they want to play, because the death of the young, can restore an old man’s virility.

The teenagers are recruited int military, out of poverty and education, fo the promise of a car.

Those smarter than that, just have no choice, they have no choice.

The could, the maybe, the wat if, is not a choice, there is jus the recruitment office.

The officers, are not better off, and you certainly don’t want to trust one to get your back.

War will always occur, at the moment all the shitty politicians nobody voted for corner themselves.

When no one can make a move, a button is pushed to initialize the war machine.

Now, let me clarify, this is not about military moves, the military does not want war, war is the last thing a warrior needs.

The moves, are political.

Imagine this hypothetical, a nation spends decades providing its people, with deliberately fake education.

To prevent and neuter any and all potential interference, with the crime family in change.

Everyone in the more international political community knows this, the now failed nations propaganda alone is fascinating to watch and get a chuckle out of.

This is not acceptable behavior, because the international community, must care for all the people in the world, not just the voters in their nations.

The nation that disabled the minds of its people, with fear, mostly, poor people are not stupid…

They saw it coming, and they saw us looking away, from all the harm that was being done to them.

This kind of a nation will suffer the worst economic disasters, not just from freak events like pandemics…

Just the chaos of the criminal misery that they created, is enough to cause an economic failure.

And that, is the stale mate, and it is born of incompetence, and that is where war begins.

What seems to us as madness, is to a warped government, a way to reboot the economy.


Every move you make in life, magnified by all the other motions, has consequence, the butterfly effect is real.

By blindly accepting high school for what it is, just doing your homework, and following your stupid friends.

You don’t create a war, but you feed the random noise, from which it can emerge.

To borrow from Gibson, you become a gray dot on a TV screen tuned to a dead channel.

By doing nothing, you empower those, who do evil by taking advantage of indifference.

Rise, rise.

Not to project mayhem, which only reveal stupidity and laziness.

But to Project Humanity, and World Peace.

It is a simple task, use World Poverty to erase it self.

Create a school, that functions like a computer game, you can’t pass a level, until you are really good at it.

Find large corporations willing to bet against the Nuclear War, that will put them out of business.

And put an initial fund together, to pay your students, pay them well for learning for real.

Learning programming or design are good examples, of the learning for real patterns of self driven education.

Let your first class graduate, find their own investors, and take 10% of their profits, to continue fueling your school.

You can view the school as a colorful and powerful startup accelerator, but it is not there to turn a profit.

This is the school, the school that we all thought we were going to when we were little.

You and the countless many others that accept this challenge, will create the first real and effective schools around the world.

Not for profit, not for glory, but for lifting Humanity’s level of education, helping it activate its genius.

For helping all the world cultures grow up, and finally converge in Wisdom and Greatness on World Peace.