A Tiny Glance At Effective Education
A Tiny Glance At Effective Education

Wednesday • August 23rd 2023 • 11:23:49 pm

A Tiny Glance At Effective Education

Wednesday • August 23rd 2023 • 11:23:49 pm

Today, education is largely fraudulent, it is about the adults, not the students.

This only sounds exaggerated, because we became used to, with schools breaking their promise, and doing very little.

For example biology class must help the student to rent a microscope, as soon as they know how to use it, and have a need for it.

Art class must absolutely allow the students to borrow wall projectors, and give them art supplies, including expensive canvas.

Nature and outdoors are extremely important in real education, and students should section hike great trails like the Appalachian Trail.

They must be encouraged to revisit it, throughout their life to fins peace, balance, and serenity.

Whatever text books are, they must be replaced with interactive visualizations and simulations.

And even before that, students need room and time, to listen to all the worlds wisest books, written by clear thinking great beings.

One of the most fantastic components of real education, is the massive student exchange program that helps the students travel.

Education correctly begins with reading, writing, arithmetic, but should also include painting, composing, and programming.

As these three are modes of expression, that help spot fake education – that plagues the world today.

Final year before High School should begin with effective Philosophy, a single semester of which would help students out of their indoctrination.

The more abstract subjects beginning with High School, need to be framed within a programming language.

Where simple formulas solve themselves, and powerful tools like visualization and simulation help the students comprehend.

High School should mark the beginning of self directed education, honoring the students noblest curiosities and supporting their greatest aims.

Fundamentally, a high school should be patterned after a start-up accelerator, and graduation should be marked by launching a successful little business.

Student must be paid for academic achievement, on top of a standard allowance that will keep them away from stress.

This money comes from, borrowing from the improved future of human kind.

Programming is the best explanation for what real education feels like, every visit to a classroom, makes the student more powerful and capable.

Lastly, there is no time to ponder why schools today are so ineffective, three is no time for blame and pointing fingers.

You have to help your children to all they need to learn for real, broken schools must be distant second to real education.

Your children need a home laboratory they can love, with plenty of computers with which they follow their tangents.

They will need tutors for learning programming, painting, music composition, and access to narrated books, that will give them a head start in life.

You need to guide them to start programming small start-ups, until they get one working, and they’ll take it from there.