The Mother Of All Sciences
The Mother Of All Sciences

Monday • September 25th 2023 • 11:26:08 pm

The Mother Of All Sciences

Monday • September 25th 2023 • 11:26:08 pm

When schools are shown to be ineffective, you can’t just sit there pretending to learn.

Your GPA and a Diploma will already worthless, the path ahead, will only consist of luck.

Gambling with your mind, the content of your character, and all the future of your entire existence, is a very unwise idea.

Having that play out, on the scale of generations, and across the entire world, will destroy all hard won progress.

Fake education will create, a culture of destruction.

Whereas real education, a more intellectual culture.

It is really that simple, real education has always been a fork in the road.

And the two roads, lead to opposite ends.

In a correctly educated world, all beings are equal.

They receive an equal start, that means no one lives below the level of poverty.

Every human being is granted a daily allowance, that will prevent them from being homeless or starving.

And everyone gets a real education, real education is just a walk across the history of Philosophy.

The murder of Socrates, is a good beginning, as it shows that corruption will aim to resist change for the better, in favor of quick profit.

Philosophy is the Mother of all Sciences, the study will slowly offer entry into every branch of human knowledge.

All students have unique curiosities, their many questions have varying degrees of urgency.

They need to learn at a pace that fits them best, and in the sequence that considers their existing knowledge, that considers them.

Real education, is life long, self directed, and we made enough progress, to be able to take it to the next step.

Where computerized education offers countless video lectures, breathtaking visualizations and simulations, and is by design and great luck, self directed.

It is really important that the world understands, forced education as opposed to self directed, only forces students into memorization.

To really understand something, and hope to further a field, one has to comprehend it.

Preset cookie cutter answers have been tested for thousands of years now, and they only lead to dark ages, and destruction.

Philosophy, is a story of how we developed as Human beings, it is the history of our greatest achievements and the thoughts behind them.

Ineffective education, is precisely what Socrates and the others, hoped to end and prevent.