The Power Of The Third Hour; Or; How To Become Young And Mighty Again
The Power Of The Third Hour; Or; How To Become Young And Mighty Again

Sunday • October 29th 2023 • 11:25:00 pm

The Power Of The Third Hour; Or; How To Become Young And Mighty Again

Sunday • October 29th 2023 • 11:25:00 pm

Above all, old age is a privilege denied to many, but many of us age the wrong way.

That is what this poem, hopes to correct.

A real workout is non stop, you walk into the gym and keep moving, never resting.

Imagine a horse, trained for 15 seconds, then forced to rest for 10 minutes.

Resting, is not part of a real workout.

And resting more than lifting, means you go to the gym to rest, not to workout.

Imagine a restaurant selling a chicken salad, as a chicken.

As healthy as it is, if there is more lettuce than chicken, then it is not a chicken, but a salad.

The exercise is always the same, despite all the machines there is just one exerciser at the gym.

You have to move you whole body, and let it grow in the sequence it needs.

So you just dance with dumbbells, at first you may only be able to lift them and sway.

Maybe for less than a minute, but this will earn you endurance.

You will be able to do a non-stop workout for one minute, then 2, then 5, then 10, then 20, then 30, and 45, and finally 1 hour.

It is as simple as that, one hour of ever more complex motion with light dumbbells in hand.

As you begin approaching dance, and go on for an hour.

And I recommend all the safe moves, from cutting shapes and shuffle dancing.

You will start becoming generally fit, you will still be tubby, if you started large.

But you will begin your journey towards, a second youth.

This time with powerful muscles, and a mind filled with wisdom.

Once you are able to workout 5 days, and start feeling like you can do more.

You double your workout duration, to two hours, for 5 or maybe 7 days a week.

This will accelerate your transformation, you will become flexible, and unreasonably strong.

You will begin re-experiencing, growing pains, where you are uncoordinated.

Your mind will be adjusting, to a new way to move, to a new body.

And super strength combed with lack of coordination, demands that you move with care and somewhat slowly.

But, becoming young again, which is to say, burning up fat, getting to see your real face.

Actually being able to twist around, from becoming ridiculously flexible.

Will kick into gear, in your third hour.

The third hour, is where you can outrun a doughnut, here, in just weeks, your body will consume all the fat.

The third hour of dancing with dumbbells, that you gradually reach by means of ever increasing physical endurance…

Is what will finalize your transformation, into not just our younger self, but a healthy athlete.

Who could beat the snot, out of your younger self, and all the people that thought you were old.

By going through this process, you maybe able to live past a 100.

You will surely walk the Appalachian Trail, in your 80s, and stay buff, for life, for a long life.

Begin right now, go, go as far as you can.

Use whatever you got, to get as far as you can.

When you get back home, get rid of your kitchen appliances.

And tomorrow, at the same time, go a little bit further.

Make sure to quit your job, within the next few days.

Sooner than later, your body will hear you, and begin adapting, extending your endurance.

Clear your mind, get rid of all the unhealthy things.

Eventually, you’ll be able to get to the gym, and then all you need to do, is to get to your third hour.

You will be young again, walking the trails, may jogging western states 100.

You will be young again, and it will be infinitely better, than the first time around.

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