Sunday • December 27th 2020 • 11:40:21 pm


Sunday • December 27th 2020 • 11:40:21 pm

Life is not meant to frighten you,

it is meant to become your most Beautiful Work Of Art.

Even if we had perfect governments and perfect schools,

and became perfectly educated...

...it would still be better for us all, and the universe,

if you stopped following and begun leading to become the Best You.

Yeah, I guess you can't be a Doctor then,

but being a Doctor is not as lasting as becoming a Great Being.

A great being can heal entire generations,

reminding them of vision, wisdom, and of importance of an examined life.

Very few professionals can go that far out of their way,

and we all need help with Heart, or Fear, or Answers, and the Art of Existence.

A career will not help you make sense of life,

and there will be many challenges as we progress on.

Is it really that foolish to say that Wisdom should come first,

that we should get a solid grasp on things before setting aims?

I suppose that wisdom takes a relay long time,

but that's not a good reason to make it second to aims we set in High School.

We all agree that we should all be judged based on the content of our character,

and Knowledge and Wisdom is a pretty good way to make it Beautiful.

And things like Fear, Loneliness, or Sorrow cannot be helped by a career,

no matter how well it pays - being Human always comes first.

Only knowledge and the many components of wisdom contained within us

can help us rise to the great many challenges of life.

Learning to become Knowledgeable and Wise is so wonderful,

we just take our audio books on long winding nature trails, and sandy beaches.

We bring our graphite and drawing notepads, even canvas, acrylics and oils,

and all the questions, that we struggle finding answers to in the midst of haste.

And we learn, on beautiful evenings thick with oxygen, and energizing mornings rich with crisp cool air,

so as long as we have access to books that help us inherit wisdom from countless other lives, so that we need not start at zero - we learn.