Spring And Exercise
Spring And Exercise

Wednesday • January 12th 2022 • 9:59:47 pm

Spring And Exercise

Wednesday • January 12th 2022 • 9:59:47 pm

With the brand new winter air,
exercising is Spring is without compare.

Day by day we get to see Spring spring,
until the season is in full swing.

This may come as a surprise,
but Spring may even decide your exercise.

Bicycling, dancing, jogging, hiking,
a mix thereof or some other thing.

Spring, is sure to inspire you,
to something.

I confess that I may be biased,
as for me Spring has always been a blast.

I count the days until first day of spring
as you never know what adventure it will bring.

I also count the days until Groundhog day,
I disagree with Punxsutawney Philip, but like him anyway.

My own exercise had a slow start,
as it is after all a form of art.

And I begun by hiking and camping at Nordhouse,
and I was as scared as a mouse.

There was a thunderstorm like none other,
and I thought I wasn't going to make it any farther.

But I stayed over four weeks,
and came back with rosy cheeks.

Then to keep going forward I got a bicycle,
and one time I got so cold I felt like an icicle.

My first and second and third bike fell apart,
but it was a great start.

From Lake Erie to 14 Mile, I crisscrossed the i-275 trail,
it was an adventure on a whole new scale.

And I resumed my jogging adventures a well,
that's how I found the i-275 trail.

Jogging has been very hard for me,
until dancing set me free.

Jogging never helped me jog better,
but dancing made it so that I can run longer, and in any weather.

Dancing enhances endurance and strength,
and then you can jog any length.

In time I'll learn to jog faster too,
that is something that's on top of my to-do.

Going full speed is not wise,
one should start with a slow and long exercise.

Sometimes it is hard to decide,
and not all can easily jog or ride.

Spring makes it so that nobody gives up,
they often start by hiking muttering "I ain't no buttercup."

That's why I think it is best to set New Year's resolution for Spring,
because it helps us with everything.