Advancing Human Kind Is Really Easy
Advancing Human Kind Is Really Easy

Friday • June 2nd 2023 • 11:07:43 pm

Advancing Human Kind Is Really Easy

Friday • June 2nd 2023 • 11:07:43 pm

One of the biggest lessons, is that we are one people.

We are only divided by culture, poverty, education, and circumstance.

It is not personalities, or genes, but artificial borders.

We must each rise above, to the top most layer.

At the very least, to just communicate.

We are all unique, as unique, as random selection of 10,000 books.

But we are the same, where our brilliance and family is concerned.

We are each infinitely intelligent, we can fix anything an everything.

We are all equally gifted, and we can each rise to greatness.

We can even rise out of our propensity, for believing into whatever we are born.

Inherit countless lifetimes of wisdom, from life changing books.

And take to countless adventures, where ideas can peacefully come together.

The top most layer, is where we all meet.

It is peaceful there, as everyone is serene in their wisdom.

The first question will be, how to help everyone grow all the way up.

And here as we repair education, I think the world will finally bloom.

We will protect each other, from falling behind.

And finally plan for the future, centuries ahead.

All it takes is noticing, all the unfair divisions.

And reminding all, to grow, and grow all the way up.

That we are each a genius, that we are all brilliant.

That we are all one family, meant to converge on wisdom and greatness.

In our perfect, uniqueness.