Fixing Ineffective Education With Computer Programming
Fixing Ineffective Education With Computer Programming

Monday • March 6th 2023 • 11:27:32 pm

Fixing Ineffective Education With Computer Programming

Monday • March 6th 2023 • 11:27:32 pm

We live in the age of ineffective education, that is holding holding Humanity back.

We have not yet progressed beyond threats of Nuclear War, so now is not the time to pause our development.

We all assume that Politicians know what they are doing, but they are just moving along paths of least effort.

Like politicians, teachers get away with pretending to teach, art, music, and even math.

Entry into these subjects requires, a wall projector, a simple digital audio workstation program, and programming screensavers.

Disconnecting subjects from meaningful aims, allows teachers and principals to make up grades, and push students through.

The motives, are greeting paid, in a fake it until you make it mindset.

Take as much as you can, do as little as possible, and pacify the cranky students with good grades.

Fixing schools is the only way to repair Politics, and the first thing we must do, is to remove teachers' ability to manipulate grades.

Eventually we must aim to remove grades, but right now, we need a simple solution to reboot schools.

Programming languages are not just about creating programs, but interfacing with anything and everything.

Programming serves as a microscope, and a perfect little toolbox.

And before I make my point, understand that first grades, can already code, with the aid of Artificial Intelligence.

The on ramp into the simple world of programming, is as simple as telling the AI what the assignment is.

A beginner student can pick up on programming, by just looking what the AI has returned.

But as assignments get more complex, it will be just easier for the student to know programming.

It will make sense to learn it, especially because of all the gateways it opens.

The new grading system, is a simple question, dose the program pass the tests that are part of the assignment.

The teacher here can’t push students through, by doctoring the grades, the programs must pass the computerized test.

To advance to the next class, the students musts successfully, interface with a painting robot, programmatic music synthesizer, or some part of a 3D game (To use Art, Music, and Math as Examples)

By switching from grading to, whether or not the program passes unit tests, the teacher will be forced to teach, or go back to school and learn how to do it for real.

The assignments and tests can rely on an open community, similar to the collaborative world encyclopedia.

It is a small step, but when a student becomes enabled by real education, be it programmatic music composition or game development.

They will become able to spot fake classes, that present them with ineffective education.

That does not grant them new abilities like programming did, but simply keeps them busy for long enough for everyone to get paid.

Several years of enabling education, that programming unquestionably is, also helps students to think about building their own programs and businesses and exit poetry.

Instead of pushing students into stressful debt, with ineffective education, this idea gives them a way out of poverty, and grants them powerful new tools.