The European Cowboy
The European Cowboy

Tuesday • April 2nd 2024 • 12:08:06 am

The European Cowboy

Tuesday • April 2nd 2024 • 12:08:06 am

It is a little pondered fact, but cowboys come from Europe.

They traveled to the prairie, by boat, log before they bought a horse.

But it must be said, that everyone agrees, authentic cowgirls and cowboys are American.

They may have their start elsewhere, but, they bloom in America.

I don’t know much about American cowboys, other than the movies obviously.

I saw some in internet videos, they still drive cattle out there.

They are as real today, as they were ages ago.

But I do know much, about the European cowboys.

Because, I am one of them.

We don’t drive cattle, such a thing is rare.

In fact all we drive, is small cars.

They look like cars, but are much smaller.

An American truck, would not fit in Europe.

Not the one I remember, from my teenage days.

American cars, are as big as boats.

While we don’t drive cows, many of our grand parents have one or two,

They are really hard working, both cows and grandparents.

Parents not so much, they want America.

I was told many times by my Gandma, not to get anywhere near the cows.

And while I listened, she always had to repeat the story.

How my uncle got kicked, and yes, he didn’t stick around.

I think he actually got poked with horns, at least that is what I imagined when I heard the story.

He is, like everyone else, avoiding honed beasts in America now.

It is a rare European cowboy, that has cowboy shoes.

They were a myth where I was from, and they would be considered Sunday shoes.

Neither adventures, nor mud, in American Cowboy shoes, no siree Bob.

Doesn’t matter if the child outgrows them, they remain a precious keepsake.

In Europe we don’t worry about, Mountain Lions and Bears.

Our biggest threat is the Boar, and I don’t just mean the pastor, the animal as well.

They are wild undomesticated, large pigs with freaking fangs.

And from the stories I was told, they will eat you, unless you climb a tree.

A lot of my childhood cowboy training, was spent practicing to climb trees.

While the European cowboy, does not have a rodeo.

We have weddings, and they are just about as out of control.

And just as large as rodeos, usually some sloshing fool will end up riding a tractor though.

We don’t have BBQ, but we do grill, and our grand parents smoke meat.

There is a lot of sausage, kielbasa can be called the European banana.

Mostly, for the most part, the Europe Cowboy, is content with a sausage on a stick.

While there are not gun fights, we grow up, wondering about swords.

Europe is full of castles, and many have been turned to museums.

And the European cowboy, is still part Knight somehow.

If I had to define exactly, what a European Cowboy is.

I’d say fearless, noble, dignified, tough, with a mean uppercut.

But, a real European cowboy, will not fight.

Now because of cowardice, but an inner depth.

That reveals the angry bully, as already long defeated.

There is a Knightly quality, about the old world cowboy.

Gentle dedes, a creature ennobled by deeds.

Who will neither tolerate lying, cheating or stealing, nor those who do.

And it does not just stop at knighthood, but goes all the way back to philosophers.

The European cowboy, is connected all the way back.

The European cowboy won’t care fo the Saloon, but choose the Castle or Museum tour, or a grand old library.

I say, in one way or another, on both sides of the ocean.

Eventually, in their hard earned wisdom, each cowboy, cares for the same one thing.

To grow all the way up, and stand as a dusty, dignified, great being, with a lasting legacy.

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