Programming, Wisdom, And The Future
Programming, Wisdom, And The Future

Sunday • May 14th 2023 • 10:36:16 pm

Programming, Wisdom, And The Future

Sunday • May 14th 2023 • 10:36:16 pm

The younger generations deserve, at leas as much as we hoped we would receive when we were little, and certainly more more than ineffective education, even when laced with interesting animations about squaring a circle and such.

Because, that by it self, is useless; to address reality of today’s existence, and the danger of poverty, and more failure and war.

Today, students are treated as a resource, that can be mined for money they don’t have but can get via unforgivable loans.

We interrupt their growing up, damage their natural curiosity, and force them into poverty.

While driving an ineffective education into them, and then blaming them for the results.

We have to admit to the younger generation that out education was worthless, that we could have replaced years of ineffective education.

With a happy vacation and a dozen, of narrated science popularizer books.

It would certainly make our education more effective, and more meaningful, as we could finally explain concepts without memorization.

And we have to help students to effective education that can address their poverty, an education where every lecture counts.

Today that aim has been obscured by mediocre teachers and liars, and presented as only for the select few, the few that are naturally smart.

The myth of the gifted, of the genius, invented by the fools, to wipe their ass with the future of human kind.

Unlike teaching irrelevant things, where teachers can just make up a grade, to stay under the radar.

Teaching relevant things that have bearing on real life, if self evaluating, as we can expect it to improve life and future.

And there in only one self evaluating subject with an easy on-ramp for all, and you have to remember, that you have been lied to as I say this…

Is learning how to program brilliant custom and useful web applications, don’t laugh, don’ trivialize it.

It is the only subject, that will give you evidence of profound and positive change, and it encompasses all the old subjects as well.

Depending whether you want math and physics in game development, chemistry in simulation, or art in design.

As it encompasses all the other subjects it leaves room, for adventure and narrated books…

Especially those held in high regard, by all the world’s intellectuals.

Don’t dismiss programming applications, you wouldn't want to dismiss learning how to speak or use hammer and nails.

It is just a tool, a tool that you are being tricked out of using, as it demands that the teacher isn’t a pretender merely regurgitating slides.

Listen to me, you have been tricked, you have been lied to, the singe most important thing you have to learn, has been denied to you.

Or taught so badly, that it has tricked you into thinking that you can understand it.

Learn programming on your own, take to adventure and narrated books for everything else.

The books written by great beings, is the second subject that has been taken from you.

It is just reading, writing, arithmetic, Software Development, and Philosophy.

The rest of the journey, is something you build, whilst standing on the solders of giants…

Aiming in the only direction away from more war, up.

Don’t wait for change to come your way, break the cycle, and accept the responsibility for your own self education.

Take to the countless great books, forged in lived lived well, by great minds…

As you are charged with growing all the way up, until you too; become a great being and leave profound and positive contributions behind.