Incurious: When Schools Stand In The Way Of Education
Incurious: When Schools Stand In The Way Of Education

Sunday • July 16th 2023 • 11:25:33 pm

Incurious: When Schools Stand In The Way Of Education

Sunday • July 16th 2023 • 11:25:33 pm

The picture that is brighter than what I paint here, if for you to create, it is in the hands of your generation.

Reject mediocrity, and half measures, do not pretend to learn, demand self directed, and self paced education, that won't waste a moment of your time.

Politicians, never cared for schools, they don’t know what education is, in as far as they think about it, they want you to be a simple minded voter.

Principals know that schools can cause harm, that is why the push the so called gifted out.

Teachers know that their classrooms are ineffective, many will trick you into memorization so that you can graduate.

Your parents know schools are not going to teach you anything, but they are convenient babysitters, that will give you some social skills.

When cornered for answers, they will only reply with a question, “How were we supposed to know?”.

An no one will bear responsibility for the harm, that bullies, high school drugs and alcohol, or being held back causes.

When a teacher sees you make progress, they don’t see a promising young student, they see one problem less.

When they are close to retirement, they will see an apt pupil, as their redemption, a hope for forgiveness for betraying everyone else.

This is a very sad picture, that is very well hidden, by never asking is standardized education is good for you.

Sometimes, some will ask you to put in more effort, but it will only be effort towards memorization and better grades.

And memorization, is not education, and grades, are fake to fight “grade inflation” a consequence of fake education.

All that there is to be found down this path, is stress, overwork, and the world, sinking deeper into its dark ages.

The bright picture teachers will paint for you, is a house of cards, full of straw men.

Unless they are handing out narrated books, and getting themselves fired by helping you find peace, serenity, and genius.

By trying to reignite your once brilliant constellation of curiosities, and helping you learn at your own pace, in the sequence that fits your mind…

Your teachers are simply selling you out for pay checks, and what you learn will be little, and never come together to form something you will use.

There is nothing more important than your education, a real, precious, integrated, contradiction-free body of knowledge…

That before you know it will begin coalescing you into wisdom, and pushing and pulling you towards some beautiful greatness.

All your decision-making is hinged on what you know, no one will disagree with you.

If you begin seeing ineffective education, as a kind of an attack on your mind.

We don’t know why schools have failed, but it won’t be just a single problem.

It will be a systemic failure across a hundred years, perhaps greed, corruption, arrogance, ignorance, hate, control…

And that most vicious force of all, plain old stupidity.

Don’t waste time on repair, schools have to be replaced with individualized instruction.

Your noblest curiosities must be preserved, and develop into beautiful things, unharmed.

We’ve done nothing for you, and the best we could hope for, in a world locked by liars, was bare minimum.

You deserve to learn your lessons the way a programmer learns, where each new lesson, makes all your other lessons more valuable.

You generation deserves the protection that Universal Income affords, you should grow up free from the threat of homelessness and hunger.

Alas, as it goes, in the absence of teachers, you must become a teacher.

Begin an independent educational effort, a life long commitment towards self education.

Pleasantly meandering through all the world’s most precious narrated books, take to adventure, to rid off the stress, and please understand…

That a human must grow all the way up, all the way, until they become great.

Help other find their way, and build the schools, that you wish you had.