Space Kitten Refrigerator Magnets vs. Smart Phone Applications
Space Kitten Refrigerator Magnets vs. Smart Phone Applications

Wednesday • January 18th 2023 • 11:27:52 pm

Space Kitten Refrigerator Magnets vs. Smart Phone Applications

Wednesday • January 18th 2023 • 11:27:52 pm

I uploaded 16 very cute kittens, to an online store, as refrigerator magnets.

Priced at 6 dollars of which $2 I’d get to keep, if they ever made a sale.

It is the act it self that holds great value for me, aside from some views I can’t imagine anybody buying it.

The refrigerator magnet component, is just an addition on top, of what a space kitten relay is.

A neat little piece of art, which I ran through an up-scaler to a whopping 2048x2048 size.

Images, home made mp3 songs, and files, rather than programs, have the unique property of being finished, done, no upgrades, no bug fixes.

Compared to an app, this is a dream unlike any other.

This is because, an empire of 10,000 cute refrigerator magnets, that are only printed, and assembled when a sale is made, needs no maintenance.

10,000 refrigerator magnets, is of course an exaggeration, of what is already an example, though cute product,

A real product in this space, are T-shirts or Posters,

Perhaps imaginary movies that sound better, than whatever blockbusters they were inspired by.

Or classical art expanded to show a wide-shot, of what is going on around the scene.

The point is, apps, website themes, software in general, requires maintenance.

Apps call for re-releases with each new version of the OS they run on, bug fixes, and sometimes calls for new features, or code-base rewrites.

A really cool T-shirt design, or even a crazy intricate shower curtain, is done, it is complete.

Programmers have a saying, code is liability.

But there is another step back that we can take, for an even more pleasant experience.

Here, rather than signing up for an e-commerce website, and formatting our artwork to fit some product.

We instead create a unique and beautiful Product Kit, that then can be purchased by a person interested in exploring on-line sales.

We can take our shower curtain for example, at 72 by 72 inches, we can embed, about 200 works of art, at about 3.5x3.5 inches.

Ten such such shower curtains, containing 2,000 unique art creations, spanning…

Anything between, workout doodles, furry creatures, caricatures, and abstract art, laughing horses, and perhaps frogs on stils.

Represents something that can make a lot of money, for a person looking to create multiple online stores.

This is a unique product kit, no two shower-curtain kits, will ever share a work of art.

From your perspective, in this brave new world, of beautiful computer generated are.

A singe curtain may take a day or a week to design, as you have to make sure eveything is perfect and not too distorted.

And arranging 200 artworks together, is a single ImageMagick command on Linux.

Here, from your perspective, you are just selling zip files containing images.

And form your customers perspective, you are selling precious and exciting pieces of their on-line empire.

In closing, apps require maintenance, and their code is liability.

Creating products based on your designs, hand made beautifully generated, requires a lot less.

But, there is even one more step that you can take, and sell product kits to people looking to expand their online offerings.

Here you are purely digital, you don’t have to sign up, or configure a product, you just ensure that your art is highly detailed fascinating.

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