The Inventor
The Inventor

Sunday • June 20th 2021 • 6:11:57 pm

The Inventor

Sunday • June 20th 2021 • 6:11:57 pm

The Walnut Heist

I GOT A TALKBOX! (Plus Music Video: Don't Forget to Wear Your Dustmask.)

Bushcraft Waterwheel

Tim Rattles his Rattlebacks

The CMY Cube has arrived!

Eulers Disc

Amazing Science Toys/Gadgets 1


Challenge to recycle Coca-Cola!/ Make a simple alcohol stove (soda can stove)

Soda can Stirling engine - 860 rpm

DIY Cheap and easy-ish Soda Can Stirling engine

L0pht Heavy Industries Video Press Kit (1994-1999)

Hackers Testifying at the United States Senate, May 19, 1998 (L0pht Heavy Industries)

Confessions of a Hacker known as Kingpin - Joe Grand Story

Samy Kamkar's Crash Course in How to Be a Hardware Hacker

Block EVERY Online Ad with THIS - Pi-Hole on Raspberry Pi

How to Block ads on YouTube Skip ads with (Vanced app)

How to use uBlock Origin to protect your online privacy and security

The Essential Guide to Advanced Blocking with uBlock Origin

The evolution of Minecraft

Dark Souls - Is too hard

The case for anonymity online by Christopher 'moot' Poole

Sky Rim

Getting Over It

Woodworking joints

Otzi's Dagger

Otzi's Scabbard

Otzi Era Push Dagger

Brass Push Dagger

Canadian Iceman's Knife

Blowpipe Maker Shares Rare, Ancient Craft

sharpest Cardboard kitchen knife in the world

How To Make A Wooden Pocket Knife With Hand Tools

Popsicle Stick KARAMBIT

sharpest Bismuth kitchen knife in the world

Chisel Knife

Weird Folding Knife

Wooden Katana


the secret world of the japanese swordsmith

Making Snowflake Shurikens

How To Make Composite Shuriken

Double Wheels Wooden Crossbowfishing

Circuit Board + Resin Jewelry

MP3 music player board REVIEW (Suspicious Quality)

MP3 Music Box (Very Simple)

DIY Bluetooth USB SD and FM Amplifier using 6283ic Board and 4440ic Board

Pallet Bluetooth Speaker V3 DIY

$220 Lightsaber

Glitterbomb 3.0 vs. Porch Pirates