The Strangeness In Politics
The Strangeness In Politics

Friday • April 7th 2023 • 10:46:41 pm

The Strangeness In Politics

Friday • April 7th 2023 • 10:46:41 pm

When wasting time on speaking about politics, it is important to first admit, that nobody knows anything about it.

Political positions, are not meant to be accessible to liars, pretenders, or actors.

In theory healthy voters, all combined together, form a powerful wisdom that can absolutely see a liar from a healthy person.

But poverty and ineffective education, prevents voters from gaining a valid insight into politics.

People are tired, stressed out, scared of constant threat failure, and crushed by debt…

And heartbreakingly, and most of us, do not have an education beyond reading, writing, and arithmetic.

It may feel like we do, but that is a testament to our, to our capacity for genius, and our brilliance, and unending positive thought.

Real education, aside from making massive positive changes in our lives.

Results in us starting our lives, where great beings of previous generations left off.

That we are all social creatures, ends up playing into our uneducated political illusions.

We want to be on the “right side”, but at the moment, just to nod and mingle, and feel part of something, large.

In short, political parties form, not out of progress, but because of large groups of voters that hold political sway.

The moment the large parties become well established, they cease progressing forward, and become static.

A static party that does not make any contributions, is just a parasitical business grafted on top pf politics.

It is what liars want, something for nothing, maximum gain, with as little effort as possible.

This is a simple primitive child-like behavior, of an uneducated person who was able to afford a political position.

While real politics can’t be faked, because it is always about results that we can all see.

it can be neutered, into doing nothing, and thus providing perfect cover for under table dealing.

All the while speaking of the people of their nation, as if they were increasingly more abstract.

You can see effects of fake politics in predators benefiting more, while healthy people becoming increasingly more scared.

We see tuition going up, ridiculous levels, but minimum wage, is still as ridiculous as it always was.

The liars, pretenders, or predators are progressing, and stifling wherever decent politicians are left.

While the people that governments are meant to serve, get nothing.

That is how you detect neutered, ineffective or fake, politics, that has been curved towards benefiting whoever got elected and their network of businesses.

On a larger scale, the ozone hole, lead pollution from leaded gasoline, insect die offs, plastics in our lungs and blood, and oceans, are the works of fake politicians.

A real politician wouldn't make a move without rigorous scientific tests, a fake politician doesn’t even know what that is.

Today, elections are a matter of sitting those who can afford it on a carousel, and waiting until someone gets picked, and waiting until the next person gets picked.

In some areas to increase chances of election or re-election, politicians target beliefs that are most often misguided, but held by a large population of active voters.

Overturning Civil Rights as those often are too confusing for uneducated old people, is a good example, and an old favorite, apparently.

To get voters fake politicians, will snag the opposition of some old law, even though it is opposite of progress.

But a s result, entire carousels of pretenders, will be ferried into the world of politics under some worthless new banner.

Positions of leadership, come with countless benefits, the largest of which are out in the open.

The politicians who vote a certain way, upon their exit from politics, end up being hired for a lot of money, and retired with even more.

When Kurt Vonnegut said that “True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country.”

He didn’t just mean to say that his old classmates ended up in politics, he was also saying that politics; is ran like a highscool class.

To cover this up, fake politicians elect to do as little as possible, and if an ugly change is needed, they will have long picked someone to blame.

Proof of their lack of understanding of anything, is multiple countries around the world, infected by temporary emergency acts extended for many years if not decades.

These grant powers, that should never be in the hands of a modern government, and certainly prove that there are no leaders to be found.

The resulting status quo, will undercut whatever goodness is left, and alter the course of an entire nation forward.

School employees snooping in the homes of their students via shool laptops, or even modern cars uploading their footage to farms of morons that then make fun of whatever privacy they violated.

Finally, it has been discovered that sufficiently large language modes, exhibit a kind of primitive intelligence.

They are waterfalls of words, and calculators of language, language models are nothing new.

But the ones that are big enough, behaving intelligently, as in artificial intelligence, gave everyone pause.

These models, are now in the wild, anybody with a modern computer can ask them questions.

The next generation of language models, if not this one already, has an unforeseen, perhaps undiscovered talent.

It is able to point out all the negative things, about al the worlds political figures…

And the hopefuls, already loaded up into election carousels, and cocked.

The AI will be able to project consequences of a vote, how it impacts poverty, families, education, and even the lives of voters grand kids.

The exhausted, betrayed and confused voters, are about to get adaptive optics.

These are intelligent enough so that no political party, no matter how cunning, can hope to do anything about them.

I think effective education, the end of poverty, and focus on civil and human rights, will soon return to politics, to our discussion table.

We will soon begin seeing a safer and wiser future, and perhaps even learn to look a the world in generations, in order to give consequence the gravity it deserves.